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Adobe Beginner Classes – methodology on publishing

I’ve been cranking away at some new episodes and while I will soon be on vacation (hurray!), I wanted to let everyone know about my new thoughts on publishing to the three mediums I use.

Vimeo.com is the first place where I will publish. If you want to see the tuts as quickly as possible, this is the place to go. My channel is Adobe Beginner Classes

Adobe TV is a scheduled link where I will post one episode about every week or so. There’s always a lot of content there, so it’s good to space it out.

itunes is constrained based on upload size and cost, so my podcast will generally be the last place to get it, but obviously it’s a convenient way to view and take it with you.

That being said, here’s two episodes that are currently only on vimeo:

Episode 36 – Animating a still Part 1

Episode 36 - Animating a still (Part 1) from Dennis Radeke on Vimeo.

Episode 37 – Animating a still Part 2

Episode 37 - Animating a still (Part 2) from Dennis Radeke on Vimeo.

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