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Quick post – Some great nerdy info on GPU and scaling

Todd Kopriva has posted an article on some of the other benefits of using a CUDA enabled GPU card with Premiere Pro CS5. As he points out, a lot of people equate CUDA to FAST, FASTER, FASTEST and the Mercury Playback Engine as the GPU. Neither of these are necessarily or exclusively true.

In Todd’s article, he outlines why GPU can make video better and sometimes faster as well. It’s definitely worth the read and I hope you’ll follow the link.

Details about scaling in Premiere Pro


I am upgrading my computer, which grapfic card to use?

A cheap quadro or a Geforce GTX 580?

Please advice?

[DR – tough call. It probably comes down to $$$. The GTX 580 isn’t officially supported, but is a nice card. A Quadro 4000 is a terrific card, but a little more pricey. If you can afford a Quadro 4000, I’d get it. If not, then the 580 is a pretty good, but unofficial choice.]

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