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Audition comes to the Mac! Free beta available for download

To me this is big news.  I imagine the paper boy yelling, “Get you’re news here! Audition comes to the Macintosh! Read all about it!” Okay, perhaps that’s dating myself, but a little nostalgia never hurt anyone!

Yesterday, Adobe posted a beta version of Audition to the site and if you’re a Mac fan, I hope you’ll take the time to download it, give it a try and tell us what you think.  Bringing Audition to the Mac was the #1 feature request of users and as we’ve been making a huge effort to make all of our core applications cross-platform, this is a huge announcement.

For those of you who are audio people but haven’t ever played with Audition, you might ask the question, “Why should I care? What about ProTools? What about insert favorite audio program here.  Valid question – let me answer it.

In a sentence, Audition does things with audio that hardly any other audio application really does to this day.  Namely, in addition to all of the standard audio stuff you might expect, Audition allows you to see audio in a three dimensional way, whereas nearly all other audio programs display audio in two dimensions.

You cry foul! Of course, audio apps let you see information in three dimensions (time, amplitude and frequency) – called frequency space view.  Okay, you got me, there are some applications (like Soundtrack Pro) that let you see frequency space, but can they edit it? Do they have a healing brush for audio? Do you have powerful noise reduction tools that in combination with the frequency space view give you unparalleled editing tools for surgical precision?

Well, rather than rant and propound on the merits of Audition, why don’t I just let you download it and try it for yourself – after  all, the best part of this is that the beta is absolutely free…

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