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Hearst TV – Continuing to migrate to Adobe Premiere Pro

I’ve discussed Hearst TV previously, but with the publishing of a new showcase article, it’s worth discussing again.  On the top left of the web page is a link to viewing the video – this is the best part in my opinion.  Read on for some more insight into what Hearst is doing.

I began working with Hearst Television probably more than two years ago when they expressed their frustration with many of their current tools’ inadequacy of dealing with media in a straight-forward manner. Premiere Pro’s resolution independence and native file handling appealed to them in the CS4 timeframe. With CS5, they are looking to accelerate their adoption of Adobe across more stations in the coming year.

Part of what makes news ‘tick’ in many markets is the idea of a News Production System.  There are a few that are out there, but one of the largest in the US market is the Associated Press’ ENPS.  Basically, this product is the nerve center of a specific TV channel.  Wouldn’t it be great if the ENPS program could be expressed directly inside of the NLE (Premiere Pro)?  Wouldn’t that create a more efficient workflow?  That’s what Hearst thought when they first came to us.  As has been published elsewhere, Adobe has helped create that ENPS panel inside of Premiere Pro to show off the ‘run down.’

Hearst sees a lot of value in support of open formats, the performance of 64-bit and the Mercury Playback Engine and Adobe’s approach to creating open work flows.

As we close out 2010 and look back on the success of Adobe’s CS5 thus far, it bodes well that large broadcasters like Hearst and others are investing in Adobe to help supply the next generation of news editing for their stations.

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