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Adobe Beginner Classes Episodes #39-44 are live

I’ve started a couple of ‘sub-series’ in this group: Premiere Pro Basics and Photoshop Basics.  I’ve found that many people are still just getting started and are at a lost for where to get some foundational knowledge.  Hopefully, some of these episodes will help.

I’m also kind of excited about #44 which is about some hidden gems (at least in my mind) about Adobe Media Encoder.  In this one, I show some real workflow productivity within an application that doesn’t have the sex appeal of After Effects, Photoshop or Adobe Premiere Pro.

As you might expect, I’ve also posted the episodes to Vimeo and they’ll be up on the Adobe Beginner Classes podcast soon as well.  Always looking for feedback and suggestions for other episodes.  I’ve tried to incorporate some of the past suggestions into this batch, so keep them coming!



I Dennis
I don’t know if this is the right place to post this question but am at a point of confusion.
Can Adobe CS5 Pro allow me to burn a HD DVD ? I don’t mean a Blue Ray disk. I was told that it could but cannot get it to work. Is it because I only have a trial version? I cannot justify the expense of this program if it does not work. If it does, I will purchase it right away.
Thanks for any assistance you may give me.
Rick Coleman

[DR – Hi Rick, No CS5 does not support HD-DVD burning in any way. Since that format is essentially gone, we will not pursue it. If you’re talking about creating compatible media, then I would say probably though I haven’t looked at the details of the HD-DVD spec in some time. I hope this helps.]

These are great Dennis. Thanks a lot!

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