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Premiere Pro CS5 maintenance – two great tips!

Previously, I had put up a post around CS4 and how to trash your prefs and I’ve referenced this link for the better part of a year when addressing some of the questions on the Adobe Premiere Pro support forum.

With CS5, we’ve updated the feature so that you do not have to dig into the directories in order to trash your preferences.  When launching Premiere Pro from either Mac or PC you can hold down a couple of keys while launching to automatically throw away your preferences.

For the Mac it is Shift+option (or shift+alt).

For the PC it is Shift+alt

You will know it works when the Premiere Pro splash screen doesn’t have projects listed.

Of course, the old way outlined in my previous post will still do the trick.  You’re just looking for a ‘5.0’ folder instead of ‘4.0’.

One other tip that I find very useful, is periodically cleaning up your cache file in Premiere Pro.  This folder holds all of your peak audio files among others and while individual files may be small, over time they build up. In fact, I looked at my laptop folder as I was typing this and my folder was 1.5GB!  While not all of this is Premiere Pro (most Adobe video apps have a cache folder and the ability to clean it), it did remind me that this is a great little thing to do once in a while.

In Premiere Pro preferences, you will see something like this:

As I mentioned, it’s a good thing to do for all of your apps and after going through all of the main video applications that I use (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Encore, Adobe Media Encoder, Audition and Soundbooth, I recovered nearly all of that 1.53GB.  That’s a good thing!

So, remember once in a while to do your Adobe maintenance even as you periodically do your PC/Mac maintenance… You do that right? 😉


Holy Crap this just freed up 69GB of space for me! Thank you soo much for this I have been looking all around for what is clogging up my system and here it was! I highly suggest doing this on all adobe programs that deal with video and audio

[DR – yup, pretty cool if you don’t know about it!]

Is cleaning the cache file a safe thing to do in the middle of an edit? I don’t want to wipe out anything important. Is it best to wait until a project is finished? Thanks.

[DR – Yes, cleaning the cache file is fine in the middle of a project, though it will create audio peaks and renders again when you open the project. But there’s no harm done.]

Really like the Genesis Project…stumbled upon it last week.
I am a new PP 5.5 user – recently switched from FCP7. I have tried without success to have Adobe tech support help me out. I want to export my final sequences to a Sony PDW-U1 slot drive (XDCAM). I can export an XDCAM file from PP5.5 to desktop but it will not output to the PDW-U1.
FCP7 was simple; File – Export – XDCAM.
Tech support said make sure that all PDW-U1 drivers are up to date – they are.
If I can’t fix this I will have to go back to FCP7as all my deliverables are on XDCAM slot drives.
Any help would be welcome.

[DR – Two suggestions for you to consider. First, check out the Sony site to see if there is a driver for the PDW-U1 or some mounting or drive utility. We’ve sometimes run into the same issues with SxS cards when you just need the driver to read media. Also, check out the Adobe Premiere Pro forums as there are a LOT of good people there to help other users out.]

Another great option (for Mac users) is Jon Chappells excellent and free Preference Manager app that allows you to Backup, Trash and Restore your preferences with ease. Works with Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Express and Final Cut Pro X.

Preference Manager is here:

It also forms part of a much larger set of really useful utilities called “Pro Maintenance Tools” … :

Where is the cache folder in PP 1.5 ?


[DR – to be honest, my old brain has no idea. I would expect it to be in exactly the same place, but wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t. I would go to the Adobe forum to ask the community about that one. Sorry I can’t help you directly!]

This tip save a lot of space in my hard drive, around 20GB’s! Thank you very much.

[DR – Great!]

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