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Backing up Adobe’s commitment to Pro’s – making it easy to switch

Over the last couple of weeks with Apple’s recent announcements, we’ve had a lot of attention focused on Adobe’s digital video and audio group (DVA) and for the vast majority of it, it’s been great.  People are seeing (for the first time in some cases) Adobe’s genuine commitment to our customers, users of all types and in particular video professionals.

But times continue to be tough and despite possibly getting your $300 back, you’re faced with a daunting decision – stay the course or look for something new that will support your creative vision and your wallet?

I’m very excited to say that Adobe is working hard: not only at making great products that work for professionals, but at making the decision to try and/or purchase Adobe Production Premium as absolutely easy as possible.

Today we announced a program that will allow users of FCP and Avid to painlessly switch over to Adobe Production Premium at a price that I’ve frankly never seen in my 6.5 years at Adobe.  To top that off, while my personal focus is North America, this offer is WORLDWIDE, so no one is being left out!

So, lets not belabor this – it’s a ‘such-a-deal’ (spoken in my best, thick NY/NJ accent) and as an Apple or Avid owner,  if you’ve considered Production Premium in the past but haven’t done it yet – now’s the time.

In the news room – Adobe Announces Switch Program

More info and eligibility requirements

Taking the plunge (Promo Code: SWITCH) – Production Premium Offer

Not sure what all the hubbub’s about but interested in kicking the tires? Try Adobe Production Premium CS5.5 for FREE for 30 days


Any chance to see this offer for Sony Vegas Pro users too?

[DR – Thierry, I don’t think so at present but it’s a great idea. I’ll pass it on to marketing folks]

I kinda feel bummed out…

how do I contact Adobe.. the software bought on Friday has now been reduced by $200… pretty much the following day…

The shipment has not even arrived…

You’d think there would be a bit of a grace period.. if you bought the day before…

I reckon an adobe store credit would be nice…


[DR – Les, contact customer support and state your case. We try to be understanding whenever possible.]

This is possibly the best and smart move that Adobe has made. I use both FCP and Adobe Premiere Pro and I have to say that PPro is my favorite NLE to use, especially now that I’m filming with DSLRs. Bravo Adobe, Bravo. I have been a customer since Adobe Premiere 2.0 and I plan to be for years and years to come. Thank you for listening to our needs and staying the course.

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