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Details on the Production Premium switching offer

What a crazy second half we’re off to.  Within our industry, we rarely if ever have seen the kind of furor that has been happening over the last several weeks.  The blogosphere and twittersphere have been going crazy within our creative community.  Recently, that’s been accentuated by Adobe’s unusual offer to encourage users of other editing platforms to adopt Adobe as part of their toolkit.  Learn more about switching and the Switcher promotion here

Unfortunately, with all good intentions, it sometimes generates a certain amount of confusion and at the request of a friend and coworker, I’m here to set the record straight on the details of Adobe’s current promotional offer for FCP and Avid users.

First off – the details of the offer is here.

Save 50% off Adobe® Creative Suite® 5.5 Production Premium or Adobe Premiere® Pro CS5.5 software if you own Apple Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer with offer code SWITCH. Offer ends September 30, 2011. See terms.

This offer is available to editors interested in switching from their current tool of choice to Premiere Pro or Production Premium.  I previously had a couple of people ask me about switching from Sony Vegas. Our initial idea was to offer an upgrade path for FCP users who were feeling stranded, but then as we moved forward, we opened it to Avid Media Composer, Grass Valley Edius or Sony Vegas owners too.

While my personal focus is clearly in the US, Adobe is a global company.  As such, this Switcher offer is available on adobe.com worldwide (“SWITCH” promo code) with the exception of Japan. We will be adding Japan soon!

Sometimes things happen that cause some trouble.  Rarely – but it happens.  If you’re having trouble with purchasing or using the promo code SWITCH, contact Adobe Customer Service in your region: http://www.adobe.com/support/contact

A final closing note for you to consider:  This offer is definitely, definitely a temporary thing and if you’re at all on the bubble about doing it or not, I encourage you to consider it.  As I’ve said previously, I’ve never seen anything like this from Adobe and honestly, I expect the powers that be to wake up one day and say, “What were we thinking.”  So don’t say that you weren’t warned! 😉


I just ‘switched’ over here in Europe and they didn’t even ask about what I was switching from, just used the code on the website and hey-presto, Production Premium delivered with Serial Number and no fussin! (I am switching from FCP for the record)

I am in the same dilema as @Oussama I called up all the dealers here in India. None of them are aware of this offer.

How do I avail this offer? There are 2 other freelancers like me who are looking to purchase this. Please get back to me by ASAP.

P.S If I do manage to get someone to purchase it for us from the US will it possible to licence it separately to each individual ? Or will it be tied to the Name of the person buying it online?

Hi again,

I posted this comment before but now I don’t see it anymore. Basically, I called Adobe Direct sales and they said that no one in North America sales knows anything about using the SWITCH code for Sony Vegas, even after I directed them to this blog site.

Can you help?


[DR – Enter the SWITCH promo code at the Adobe.com store and you’ll be good to go.]

I called adobe direct sales to purchase this product b/c I have Sony Vegas Pro. No one there is acknowledging that Sony Vegas is one of the switchable software products. I even directed them to this blogsite, but they denied any connection to it.

Can you help?

thx for the reply..isit? but when i choose my country southeast asia it does not provide to type the ”switch” code, and does not see any promotion given

the offer available for southeast asia, Malaysia or not. i really badly want it, hope the offer got provide to Malaysia user!

[DR – to my knowledge, this offer is available for Asia. Only Japan does not currently have it. Check out your local Adobe.com store and check it out!]

Thanks for checking to see if they will extend it to Newtek owners. If they do, they will get my business after all.

The blog mentions that the offer applies to Vegas Pro owners but the offer does not mention this? What is the situation?

[DR – This is true, I’ll mention it to the marketing folks. Go ahead and give the SWITCH code a try and it should work just fine for Vegas owners.]

Unfortunately Adobe doesn’t want my business with this offer. I own a Newtek Video Toaster 5 (registered) which has the Speed Edit editing software built in and they won’t accept it for this offer. Yet they have accepted other editing software (like Sony Vegas).

Instead of my business going to Adobe for their Production Premium CS5.5 bundle, Final Cut Pro will get it now.

[DR – I’ll see if the offer extends to NewTek owners as well.]

thank you for your replay but no success
there is no region for israel i tried several contries i keep getting

•The account using mkaabal@gmail.com was registered for Israel. Please sign in using an existing account for this country, or create a new account.
maybe i can get a friend in the US to buy it for me.

i am from israel there is no service for my region there is only adobe distributer and they are requestion for production premium 2100$ without vat.
no 50% nothing … for us.
please how can i buy the product as you state in the blog adobe is a world wide company … how can i but it. as in the US ith SWITCH it will be around 850$
please your help is need i don’t know how to contact adobe i can’t call 800 phone from diffrent countray …

[DR – Check out the appropriate Adobe store for you and it should be there. I will also check with a couple of people here.]

I wish there was an even greater discount for people who want to upgrade from CS 5 to 5.5

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