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Premiere Pro, After Effects and SSD Drives

Okay, lets talk.

I’ve been doing digital video for a long time and have seen a ton of gear walk through my doors during my time with Adobe and in the field in general.  There have been lots of great improvements over the course of time and I’ve been privileged to help on some of them.  CPU’s have gotten faster and seen more cores, GPU’s have exploded in power, motherboard bus speeds have increased and on and on…

But, we expect this and will continue to do so…

That said, there are very few improvements that make a remarkable difference.  Lets be honest, there’s a ton of fast stuff out there and it’s not often that you get disruptive or revolutionary technology that makes a true difference in your every day workflow.

Well, I’ve had one of those game changers for the past 8+ months and after having it all this time, I now have to tell you that an SSD driveis absolutely one of those crazy, transformative technologies.

The problem with SSD drives in the past has been that they are expensive and not large enough in capacity.  Well, now they are becoming increasingly affordable and the capacity has reached 500GB which makes using it as a boot drive completely plausible.  480GB+ drives are now less than $500.  Intel, Samsung and others are terrific drives and I’ve played with at least a couple of them and had a solid experience with all of them.

If you are an After Effects user and a looking for a way to use that small 80-200GB SSD drive, install it in your system and point your AE cache to that drive and you will see Global Performance Cache go crazy with performance.

Once you go with an SSD drive, all other drives are driving you crazy!  I’ve put a 520GB drive into my Macbook Pro and I have a full desktop experience in less than 10 seconds.  Waiting even 30 seconds now is an eternity.  Using a standard spinning disk for your AE cache drive also yields a vastly slower performance.

In short, the time to make SSD drives your standard is NOW! I’m working to slowly swap them out for all of my demo systems.


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