Premiere Pro Tips: Maximizing Screen Real Estate

As an editor, you have your preferences on how you like things laid out to help maximize your productivity as well as just being in your happy place.  The user interface (or UI) is an essential component in how someone interacts with their software.

Premiere Pro, like many of the mature Adobe applications offers a tremendous amount of options in how to customize the interface to make it best fit your particular way of editing.  Today, I’d like to give two quick tips or options on helping to maximize your screen real estate.

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Premiere Pro Tips: Keyboard shortcuts of the week

At this point in its life, Premiere Pro has hundreds of keyboard shortcuts and adding any new ones as defaults no doubt take a lot of internal discussions.

There are several essential keyboard shortcuts that are good to know about such as up/down arrows to move between edit points (while respecting track targeting), ‘D’ to select clips beneath the play head, home/end to move to the beginning and end of the timeline, etc.

The one that I wanted to share today though is around increasing or decreasing the track height of either an audio or video track. Depending on the task at hand as well as the screen resolution, the track height can be important for conveying information to the editor.

They keyboard shortcut for increasing video track height is cmd/ctrl and ‘+’, decreasing is cmd/ctrl and ‘-‘. Cmd is Mac, Ctrl is PC.

For audio height it is much the same except Alt/Option and the aforementioned +/-.

Give it a try the next time you’re editing!

Premiere Pro Tip: Publish directly to Creative Cloud, YouTube and Vimeo

Sometimes, even as an Adobe employee, you can’t keep up with all of the great stuff coming out of the product teams.

...and Vimeo too!

Premiere Pro does YouTube!

Such was the case when a co-worker asked me about publishing to YouTube.  Like many, he didn’t know that there are in fact YouTube presets, along with a large host of other presets for other services and devices.  These include things like Apple TV, Android tablets, Kindles, TiVo and the aforementioned YouTube and Vimeo.  To find them, simply choose “H.264” as the format in the Premiere Pro export dialog box or in Adobe Media Encoder.

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Premiere Pro CS5 maintenance – two great tips!

Previously, I had put up a post around CS4 and how to trash your prefs and I’ve referenced this link for the better part of a year when addressing some of the questions on the Adobe Premiere Pro support forum.

With CS5, we’ve updated the feature so that you do not have to dig into the directories in order to trash your preferences.  When launching Premiere Pro from either Mac or PC you can hold down a couple of keys while launching to automatically throw away your preferences.

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HDSLR event tomorrow at B&H

If you’re interested in learning about DSLR workflows, be sure to visit B&H tomorrow to participate in my seminar/class on DSLR work with Adobe Production Premium CS5.

In addition to showing how Premiere Pro and other Adobe applications, my goal is to bring some of the accessories that go with DSLR cameras.  I’ll be bringing some rigs for mounting the cameras and talking about what I’ve used and liked.

Register for the event here

I look forward to seeing you there!

Webinars for Final Cut Editors

There have been a lot of FCP editors that have started looking seriously at Premiere Pro and Production Premium as a greater part of their workflow.  The performance of Premiere Pro, it’s 64-bit native application, GPU goodness and more have turned some heads.

If you’re one of those people who have been curious about what all the ‘hub-bub’ is about from a FCP perspective, then these webinars are for you!  Read on for the details and line up from industry experts!

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Adobe Beginner Class #36 is live on Adobe TV!

(UPDATE – The episode is temporarily in limbo as i return from vacation and the Adobe TV team is presumably at Adobe MAX. I’ll get it back up on Adobe TV soon. Until then, check it out on Vimeo!)

This episode is about animating a still, a classic, timeless look. With CS5, we have some new tools that make this work much easier than in times past. To that end, I developed a tutorial in two parts to cover it.

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Having weird behavior with an Adobe video product? Consider tossing your preferences away

As an Adobe employee, I get the “My stuff is broke, tell me how to fix it” in a wondrous variety.  My response is usually something to the effect that I’m not the amazing kreskin and then smile.  Point is that we usually need a lot of information to even formulate a guess. 

However, there is one thing that I like to mention as a general kind of ‘catch all’.  It’s surprising at how often it can cure a user’s mysterious problems.

We call it ‘trashing the prefs’ and here’s how you do it.

On PC go to

UserFolder>Documents>Adobe>AdobeProductName (like Premiere Pro)  Inside of this, there is a folder with a number (usually 4.0 for CS4).  Take that to the trash and restart your application.

On the Mac its basically the same.


Hope this helps you if you’re experiencing something less than a great experience.


Adobe Beginner Classes #29 is live!

This looks to be another four part series.  The first part here is covering some of the building blocks, but trust me they are still very interesting! Click Play below and view the final composition and then read on for some more detail.

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Adobe Beginner Classes #27 is live!

The conclusion to several running episodes happens with #27.  In this one, we take our painted box, our 3D cube and our fog and put it all together to do a quick animation. Anti-climatic?  No way – watch the tutorial and download the project for yourself and play around with it.


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