Adobe Beginner Classes Episodes #39-44 are live

I’ve started a couple of ‘sub-series’ in this group: Premiere Pro Basics and Photoshop Basics.  I’ve found that many people are still just getting started and are at a lost for where to get some foundational knowledge.  Hopefully, some of these episodes will help.

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Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #38 is live!

This one is another one of those catch up kinds of episodes – something I had developed some time ago for a seminar or what not and didn’t have time to record until recently. This is a great tutorial for getting a grip on the basics of After Effects.

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Adobe Beginner Class #36 is live on Adobe TV!

(UPDATE – The episode is temporarily in limbo as i return from vacation and the Adobe TV team is presumably at Adobe MAX. I’ll get it back up on Adobe TV soon. Until then, check it out on Vimeo!)

This episode is about animating a still, a classic, timeless look. With CS5, we have some new tools that make this work much easier than in times past. To that end, I developed a tutorial in two parts to cover it.

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Adobe Beginner Classes – methodology on publishing

I’ve been cranking away at some new episodes and while I will soon be on vacation (hurray!), I wanted to let everyone know about my new thoughts on publishing to the three mediums I use. is the first place where I will publish. If you want to see the tuts as quickly as possible, this is the place to go. My channel is Adobe Beginner Classes

Adobe TV is a scheduled link where I will post one episode about every week or so. There’s always a lot of content there, so it’s good to space it out.

itunes is constrained based on upload size and cost, so my podcast will generally be the last place to get it, but obviously it’s a convenient way to view and take it with you.

That being said, here’s two episodes that are currently only on vimeo:

Episode 36 – Animating a still Part 1

Episode 36 - Animating a still (Part 1) from Dennis Radeke on Vimeo.

Episode 37 – Animating a still Part 2

Episode 37 - Animating a still (Part 2) from Dennis Radeke on Vimeo.

Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #35 is live! (and has been for a while)

Well, I’ve pontificated about the ongoing work of the blog revamp and all of that.  Well, I’ve also been working on tutorials and so now the two have collided, I think.

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fxphd is now teaching Premiere Pro

When you talk about training, I’m very happy to say that there is vast universe of training available for all things Adobe – from free to paid, from online to DVD and everything in between.  That’s obviously great for users and potential users. 

One of the sites that I really appreciate is  Their focus has been about advanced training and focusing on things that you wouldn’t normally find elsewhere.  Lets face it, there is a lot of focus on certain products or certain techniques, but fxphd has generally tried to carve out a niche with advanced topics and a college semester approach. 

Among the very best Premiere Pro editors around is Tim Kolb. In addition to being a former Creative Cow contributor, he has been a long time Premiere Pro user who really knows the product and has helped the community with training from Class on Demand and online via the forums.  Tim has lent his expertise to fxphd and is now teaching Premiere Pro on the site. 

So, if you’re ready to take your editing to the next level or find out what the hub bub is about Premiere Pro CS5, then you might consider a small investment in taking the course that is being taught now.

ABC is a podcast

Adobe Beginner Classes is up as a podcast.  I’m having to slowly upload episodes from the first to the most current which will take a little while, but if i could ask you to subscribe and give me your comments, it is always appreciated.

To get started, click this link


Adobe Beginner Classes Episode 34 is live!

As many of you probably know, I’m pretty big into After Effects tutorials, so it’s been surprising to have me sitting in front of Encore and trying out new stuff.  Part of the motivation for me starts in Photoshop (probably my other favorite application) and I was making some little images for Christmas this year when I thought of an idea.


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Oi! I forgot to post 2012 project files (ABC Episodes #29-32)

I always promise to post the project files, but it seems that I’ve been a bit lax in actually following thru. My apologies! Read on to view the embedded episodes to create the final 2012 animation as well as the project files.


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Adobe Beginner Classes #33 is live!

This project focuses on how to create some depth on motion graphics and all through using one basic element.  I’m a big proponent of reusing elements and nesting.  Read on to get the details, watch the tutorial and download the project file.


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