Premiere Pro on a Mac – what is the truth?

Premiere Pro CS5 has been a successful release by any measure and many people have come to know about the Mercury Playback Engine.  What’s been less clear is what the MPE really is and what it means for users of both Mac and PC.

So to begin, it makes sense to start with defining what MPE is.  It is NOT(!) just about hardware GPU acceleration.

The Mercury Playback Engine is three discrete components:

  • 64-bit native application – as opposed to 32-bit like most applications
  • 64-bit memory addressing – use more RAM
  • GPU hardware acceleration for effects – ‘go faster juice’ for your system

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Quick post – Some great nerdy info on GPU and scaling

Todd Kopriva has posted an article on some of the other benefits of using a CUDA enabled GPU card with Premiere Pro CS5. As he points out, a lot of people equate CUDA to FAST, FASTER, FASTEST and the Mercury Playback Engine as the GPU. Neither of these are necessarily or exclusively true.

In Todd’s article, he outlines why GPU can make video better and sometimes faster as well. It’s definitely worth the read and I hope you’ll follow the link.

Details about scaling in Premiere Pro

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