Adobe Beginner Classes Episodes #39-44 are live

I’ve started a couple of ‘sub-series’ in this group: Premiere Pro Basics and Photoshop Basics.  I’ve found that many people are still just getting started and are at a lost for where to get some foundational knowledge.  Hopefully, some of these episodes will help.

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Adobe Beginner Class #36 is live on Adobe TV!

(UPDATE – The episode is temporarily in limbo as i return from vacation and the Adobe TV team is presumably at Adobe MAX. I’ll get it back up on Adobe TV soon. Until then, check it out on Vimeo!)

This episode is about animating a still, a classic, timeless look. With CS5, we have some new tools that make this work much easier than in times past. To that end, I developed a tutorial in two parts to cover it.

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Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #35 is live! (and has been for a while)

Well, I’ve pontificated about the ongoing work of the blog revamp and all of that.  Well, I’ve also been working on tutorials and so now the two have collided, I think.

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The Traveling Genesis Project (Upcoming locations)

As I’ve apologized for not blogging repeatedly over the last year, no doubt one of the chief rationales is that I have to travel, do presentations, shows, seminars, etc.  While it may come off as a rather boring excuse, it nevertheless is true.

To prove it, I thought I’d quickly outline some of the places I’ll be and much more to the point, I hope to meet many of you over the coming months.  I must say I always appreciate it when someone comes up to say, “I read your blog” or “I like your tutorials.” Hey, everyone like a little affirmation, right? 😉

So, without further ado, here’s where I will be:

Boston – RULE Broadcast – 9/8

Seattle – 9/16 event with Apple (details – TBD)

Minneapolis – 9/21 – Event with Apple, I know it’s at or near Digital Pictures

New Jersey – 9/28 – NJ FCP users group – It’s up in North Jersey.

Beyond that, I’m planning on trying to stay home for the month of October in order to develop a bunch of tutorials and blog articles.  I continue to welcome ideas or input on either.  Thanks!

Adobe Photoshop turns 20 (neat video)

I have to be honest and say that Photoshop is in a dead heat with After Effects for being my favorite product, but I give the nod to After Effects (sorry John!). 

That said, it’s a product that has changed the way we look at images and created an industry and impact that is frankly bigger than Adobe.  The more you think about it, the more you say things like, "Wow, Photoshop is huge."

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