The Traveling Genesis Project (Upcoming locations)

As I’ve apologized for not blogging repeatedly over the last year, no doubt one of the chief rationales is that I have to travel, do presentations, shows, seminars, etc.  While it may come off as a rather boring excuse, it nevertheless is true.

To prove it, I thought I’d quickly outline some of the places I’ll be and much more to the point, I hope to meet many of you over the coming months.  I must say I always appreciate it when someone comes up to say, “I read your blog” or “I like your tutorials.” Hey, everyone like a little affirmation, right? 😉

So, without further ado, here’s where I will be:

Boston – RULE Broadcast – 9/8

Seattle – 9/16 event with Apple (details – TBD)

Minneapolis – 9/21 – Event with Apple, I know it’s at or near Digital Pictures

New Jersey – 9/28 – NJ FCP users group – It’s up in North Jersey.

Beyond that, I’m planning on trying to stay home for the month of October in order to develop a bunch of tutorials and blog articles.  I continue to welcome ideas or input on either.  Thanks!

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