How to buy Adobe Premiere Elements 11 – Video Editing software

Adobe Premiere Elements 11 is the latest offering in video editing from Adobe, it helps you edit home videos making video-editing simple, fast, and efficient. The daughter’s birthday video or your friend’s dance clip you shot a while ago can have a smoother, more professional look, thanks to PRE (Adobe Premiere Elements). It can be your first step in moving from a novice movie-maker to an amateur or even a professional movie guru.

Reasons to buy or upgrade

There are many features which PRE offers that empower you to create polished movies and slideshows, some of them are:

  • An intuitive and easy UI: The UI has been improved to provide a smooth video editing experience with UI components like a helpful Action bar, Quick, and Expert modes to fit your proficiency with video, and a plethora of supported formats.
  • Popular Hollywood-style effects: Use the new FilmLooks and apply your favorite cinematic styles to your movies.
  • Slow down or speed up the actions: Add these effects to enhance the narrative and add jazz to your video clips.
  • There are a host of other new features which make PRE a companion to turning everyday videos into memorable home movies.

For more information, visit the product features page to read more about the features if you are still contemplating buying. You can also watch a video on What is Adobe Premiere Elements on Adobe TV.

There are various sources from which you can purchase your copy of Adobe Premiere Elements. These are, resellers, other websites.

Purchase from

  1. In an internet browser, such as Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox, open and navigate to the products section and click Adobe Premiere Elements 11. You can also click here to go to the page directly.
  2. Click Buy to purchase the product.

    Click Buy

    Click Buy

  3. The next step is displayed on the next web page, moves to the next screen.
    • I want to buy: Select Upgrade or Full from the drop-down.
      • Upgrade: Upgrade option upgrades the existing installation of PRE to the current version. For example, there is a current version of PRE 8 installed on your computer. The upgrade option helps you upgrade that version to 11.
      • Full: This option enables you the purchase of the full software and the current version.
    • I own: This option appears if you select Upgrade from the previous menu and are upgrading the software. Select the version from the drop-down.
    • Platform: Select Mac or Windows for the operating system.
    • Language: Select the language.
    • Delivery: You can either download the software or ship the same as a box. A DVD is shipped to the mentioned address.
    • Quantity: Specify the number of licenses you want to purchase.
  4. Click Add to Cart.

    Click Add to Cart

    Click Add to Cart

  5. If you have a promotional code, enter the same on the next web page in the Promotional code field. Click Checkout.


    Checkout purchase

  6. Enter the payment details and process the order further.

Note: Prices are subject to change. The images are indicative and have been included in the blog post as examples.

Bundled purchase

Another option available is to buy a bundle of Adobe Premiere Elements and Adobe Photoshop Elements at a special price.  They are an ideal combination of photo and video editing software. Visit the PEPE page for more information.

Other sources

You can also purchase from physical stores or retailers, to read more about how to retrieve the serial number for such purchases, read this article on reseller purchases. There are other websites on the Internet where PRE is available for purchase, some of these are:

To get discounts and free shipping, subscribe to these websites. Generally, discounts are offered during holiday sales and other anniversaries.

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