Importing video into Adobe Premiere Elements

Now that you have purchased or upgraded your copy of Adobe Premiere Elements as discussed in my blog and installed it successfully, you can begin importing the video files you have shot and start editing them.

Before you delve deep and import files into Adobe Premiere Elements, check whether the format you have shot your movie clips in and the device is supported by Adobe Premiere Elements.

You can import media (photos and videos) into Adobe Premiere Elements in various ways. These ways are listed below:

  • From files and folders
  • From a camera or a card reader
  • From a scanner
  • By searching
  • From Adobe Revel

In this blog post, you will learn, to import videos from a camera or card reader. You can read about other options in the Help articles on Importing in the online Help of Adobe Premiere Elements.

Note: The procedure for importing media from a camcorder is same as that of importing media from a camera.

File formats and devices supported for import

You can visit a knowledgebase article on Supported file formats to check if the file format you are importing is supported.

Adobe Premiere Elements supports various devices, check the Supported devices kb article to ensure that before you begin importing video clips to Adobe Premiere Eleemnts, your device is supported.

Connecting your camera/camcorder

Once you have confirmed that the format of your video clip and the device from which you want to import the video clip are supported, connect the camera/camcorder to begin importing the files.


A Camcorder

  • There is an HDMI slot as shown in the picture below, and most cameras/camcorders provide a cable that you can connect from the USB slot provided here to your computer. However, if you have an HDMI cable to connect to TV on one end and camera on other, you can connect to view the media on TV.
HDMI or Cable slot

HDMI or Cable slot

  • Connect the other end of the cable to an active/working USB slot in your computer.
Connect camera to USB port

Connect camera to USB port

  • Turn on the camera.

Importing files

    1. Start Adobe Premiere Elements.
    2. Click Organizer on the Welcome Screen. Adobe Premiere Elements launches Elements Organizer. You can import, organize, and manage your video files, other media better using Elements Organizer. You can read various articles on the Elements Organizer Help page to explore more.
Start Elements Organizer

Start Elements Organizer

    1. Click Import.
Click Import

Click Import

    1. Select From Camera or Card Reader.
Select From Camera or Card Reader

Select From Camera or Card Reader

    1. The Photo Downloader dialog box is displayed. The camcorder or camera you have connected is displayed in the Get Photos From drop-down list. Select Refresh List if the camera is not displayed in the list.
Select device

Select device

Select the device from the drop-down list. The camera I plugged in appears as an option as F:\RICOHDCI. To know more about the options displayed in the dialog box above, read the article Importing media from cameras.

The files are successfully imported. You can view them in the Adobe Premiere Elements workspace.

Imported media

Imported media

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2 Responses to Importing video into Adobe Premiere Elements

  1. Chester Littrell says:

    I have a Toshiba x400 camcorder with a HDMI output. Where would I get a HDMI to USB cable so I can downloan video to Adobe Premiere Elements? Thanks, Chester littrell,

    • Girish says:

      Hi Chester, I realized this reply got stuck in my outbox. HDMI is not for data transfer, USB is. If you want to do a data transfer, you needs a USB cable that connects into the camera on one side and the PC on the other. Or if the storage is an SD card, you need a card-reader that can read the video data from the storage card. If you user want to play the content on a TV directly, use an HDMI cable to connect to the TV on one end and the camera on the other, and play it.
      I ran an Internet search on “Toshiba x400 camcorder HDMI to USB cable” and got some websites which are selling what you are looking for though…