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Honey I fixed the Pics

A very common issue found in photos is the “Red-eye”. I don’t blame the photographers who upload such images as the rush to upload images is worsened by questions like “Where are my party pics John?”.

A photograph looks much better after the Red eye removal

Although there are apps available to fix this issue. But if you have clicked a good number of photographs, fixing this issue can still be tedious. Well, I kind of stop viewing albums more than 50 odd (subtle number) pics. It is a personal threshold!

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 has a solution which can help you “batch” fix the red-eye problem with the click of a button.

  1. Start Adobe Photoshop Elements 11.
  2. Click Organizer.
  3. Click Import button. Select From Files and Folders.
  4. Navigate to the folder in your computer where the photos are stored. Open the folder and select all the files.

    Select option

    Select option

  5. Check the Automatically Fix Red Eyes option. Click Get Media.

Now all you have to do is wait patiently, and all the photos with the Red eye defect are fixed and imported to Elements Organizer 11. Start fixing, enhancing, or sharing them with friends & family.

Content panel Photoshop Elements: Apply artwork to images

Putting together snazzy themes and decorations to pep up images can be time-consuming. Photoshop Elements provides a single location from where you can:

  1. Apply artwork
  2. Decorate your photos and creations using theme decorations
  3. Improve the text styles in your images

Use the Content panel in Photoshop Elements to apply artwork, theme decorations, and text styles to deck up your favorite images with the best of decorations!


Visual treatments/enhancements: A Journey 2011

Users today want more visual content. They like viewing flash animations, video tutorials, and audio clips along with the informative text that communicators write. A picture is not worth a thousand words anymore, it is worth a million hits!

We added some visual treatment to our Help topics and the results were a delight! Not only did the user experience improve, adding images and videos increased user participation and brought down negative ratings in some cases.

Here are some visual strategies that are likely to strike gold:

  • Artwork that saves localization costs: Photoshop Elements has a lot of these examples, whether it is creating an Out of bounds effect or removing red eyefrom images. These articles have been instrumental in saving localization costs. We took care to include the image area with accuracy and not include toolbars, panels, or any localization candidates.

    Image on Out of bounds effect

    Image on Out of bounds effect

  • Visual overviews for easier navigation: In image editing/publishing tools like Photoshop Elements or Illustrator, users often struggle with the tool panels. The tooltip is usually not enough for new users to get started. We carefully studied the user feedback and figured out that our users were looking for a Preview! The Selection tools page in PSE and the Drawing tools gallery page in AI have wowed users worldwide. Many users have them as their favorite bookmarks. An illustration of the tool, a short description, and a linked topic that has more information about the tool. That’s easily one of the best examples of navigation-friendly online documentation.

    Image on Drawing tools

    Image on Drawing tools

  • Playing at a theater near you: To tell a story through a video is entertaining yet informative. InDesign has been premiering some really good videos to amaze graphics aficionados. Adding page numbers and exporting content to EPUB are some effectively executed examples.
  • Traditional with a twist: Whether it is quizzing users or helping users create question slides, Adobe Captivate has used tabular definitions and simple callout diagrams to educate and engage users.

    Image on Quiz illustration

    Image on Quiz illustration

As illustrated in the examples above, visual illustrations with text are the flavor of the times gone by and the times to come.

And we can’t help asking our users  “Would you like some fries with your text?” 🙂

The Beginning

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am a writer, poet and acting enthusiast. I live in Delhi, India and besides dreaming novel plots write for Adobe’s Illustrator and Elements products. I am on twitter and facebook. Will be sharing some exciting blog posts in the days ahead…