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Upload/Import photos using Adobe Revel

This blog post introduces you to the Adobe Revel application and how it helps you sync photos from various devices with Adobe Premiere Elements and Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Adobe Revel is a photo application that helps upload and share photos. The application is supported on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. You can edit the photos in Revel and organize them further by categorizing them into albums and captions. The photos are hosted on and can be shared on various social networks. It is also possible to bring photos from your Android device to Adobe Revel using Revel Importer. You can download the Mac version from the App Store.

Adobe Revel has been integrated into Adobe Premiere Elements and Adobe Photoshop Elements. You can import and export photos from Adobe Premiere Elements and Adobe Photoshop Elements using Elements Organizer. You can however further edit them in Adobe Photoshop Elements for advanced editing or to beautify them using the impressive range of Guided edits PSE offers. You can also add the photos to the timeline in Adobe Premiere Elements and include them in your videos and other creations.

Adobe Revel

Adobe Revel

Some of the top features of Adobe Revel are:

  • Revel is free for the first 30 days. So you can try the application, import as many photos, and then switch to uploading 50 photos a month. You can switch to a paid subscription to upgrade and upload as many photos for a specific amount.
  • Revel is compatible with the Retina display in all Apple products.
  • You can edit your photos in Adobe Revel.  It provides intuitive and powerful editing tools to enhance your photos.

To explore more, visit

Importing photos from Adobe Revel

In my previous blog posts, I have mentioned the various ways in which you can import photos to Elements Organizer. You can edit media from Elements Organizer and port it to Adobe Premiere Elements/ Adobe Photoshop Elements for further editing. Click here for more info on Elements Organizer. To import a photo from Adobe Revel to Elements Organizer, follow these steps:

  1. Start Adobe Premiere Elements.
  2. From the Welcome screen click Organizer to launch Elements Organizer.
  3. The Elements Organizer interface is launched.
  4. Click Import.

    Select From Adobe Revel...

    Select From Adobe Revel…

  5. Enter the login details in the Connect to Adobe Revel dialog box. If you do not have a login, click Learn more about  Adobe Revel.
    This opens the Adobe Revel page in the Web browser. Navigate to the sign-in page. You can sign in using these three types of login credentials: Adobe ID, Facebook, Google+
  6. Enter the login details and click Sign In.

    Enter login credentials

    Enter login credentials

  7. The photos uploaded are displayed. You can select the various libraries (folders are called libraries in Adobe Revel) from the Import from drop-down list.
    Select the photos

    Select the photos

    Select the photos you want to import to Elements Organizer and click Import.

  8. You can import the keywords attached to the photos. Select the keyword and click Ok. Click Select All to select and import all the keywords.

Uploading photos to Adobe Revel

You can upload photos from Elements Organizer to Adobe Revel cloud. The photos can be directly uploaded to a library.  To upload a photo from Elements Organizer to Adobe Revel follow these steps:

  1. Select the photos you want to upload. Click Ctrl (Win) or Command (Mac) to select multiple photos.
  2. Click Share > Adobe Revel.

    Select Adobe Revel

    Select Adobe Revel

  3. Select the photos and select the library you want to upload it to from the Export to drop down list.

    Select library

    Select library

  4. Click Export to upload the photos to the Adobe Revel cloud.

For further questions on Adobe Revel, you can go through the FAQs posted here.

Importing videos into Adobe Premiere Elements – Part II

Last week, we discussed how to import videos into Adobe Premiere Elements from a camcorder. This week, I show you how to import media (videos and photos) in different ways.

There are two workflows which you can follow to import media into Adobe Premiere Elements:

  • When you import files using Elements Organizer, the files are only referenced from their physical locations on the user’s computer. They are not embedded into Organizer.
  • The second method is to import directly  into the Adobe Premiere Elements workspace. For this method, you import the contents to the hard disk, and then import it from there directly into the workspace. Elements Organizer is the recommended way to import and organize. Use the second method only if you are in a hurry to edit that birthday movie!

In this blog post, you learn how to import files using Elements Organizer. Follow these steps to successfully import your files into Elements Organizer:

  1. Start Adobe Premiere Elements.
  2. Click Organizer on the Welcome Screen. Adobe Premiere Elements launches Elements Organizer.

    Start Elements Organizer

    Start Elements Organizer

  3. Click Import.

    Click Import

    Click Import

  4. Select from the following options:
  • From Files and Folders: You can import photos and videos from your computer into Elements Organizer. Click import > From Files and Folders. Select the files or folders from which you want to import and click Get Media. At this point, you can remove the red eye problem in all your photos in a click, read one of my previous blog. For more information and a step-wise procedure, view the Importing media from files and folders article.
  • From Scanner: Place a photo on a scanner, connect it to your computer, and you can import the photo into Elements Organizer. Click Import >From Scanner. For in-depth information on how to import photos from a scanner, read the article on Importing photos from scanners. This is a Microsoft Windows only feature.
  • By Searching: Sometimes, you save files in your computer and are unsure about the physical location where they were copied to. Click Import > By Searching. Adobe Premiere Elements incorporates search capability to search for media, read Import media by searching for a detailed explanation of the concept and the procedure.
  • From Adobe Revel: This is an exciting feature which came up in Adobe Premiere Elements 11. Click Import > From Adobe Revel. You can keep a whole library of media files in an Adoberevel account and import these files into Adobe Premiere Elements.

We will soon cover how to import from Adobe Revel and many top issues users of Adobe Premiere Elements like you are searching for. Do drop a comment to tell me what you would like to see soon on this blog and how you found this post.


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