Community Translation now enabled on Adobe TV

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Last week Adobe launched a community translation project on Adobe TV.

“Community Translation extends the global reach of Adobe TV by enabling our audience to translate the closed-captioning of our videos into any language they choose, via a very easy-to-use online translation tool.”

Although the “official” announcement went out today, there have already been 154 translations completed, in 25 different languages, during the few days since the site went live and today. This is information that otherwise would not be available for non-English speakers. I have already contributed as well, translating one of the several Adobe TV tutorials into Brazilian Portuguese. The process was fast and painless and it gave me joy to be able to share the useful hints and tips of the tutorial with fellow Portuguese-speaking users around the globe.

Do you want to become a translator of Adobet TV content and join this brand new community?
Learn more here:

  • Anyone with fluency in English and at least one other language can apply to be a translator.
  • Participants in the program use a simple, intuitive interface provided by our partner DotSUB to translate the closed-captioning titles line-by-line.
  • Once approved by a reviewer, the translation becomes available as a closed-captioning track on the video, and also appears as a searchable, interactive transcript alongside the video.

A list of translated videos is available at

An incentive program to reward the most active translators will be launching soon.

Open position for a Globalization Architect at Adobe

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Adobe Globalization is looking for an experienced architect who can provide technical leadership in software globalization across the company. Here are the details. Interested candidates should send resumes to our recruiter Ann Maginn at


Adobe believes in hiring the very best. We are known for our vibrant, dynamic and rewarding workplace where personal and professional fulfillment and company success go hand in hand. We take pride in creating exceptional work experiences, encouraging innovation and being involved with our employees, customers and communities. We invite you to discover what makes Adobe a place where exceptional people thrive.

Click this link to experience A Day in the Life at Adobe:

Position Summary

This architect will be responsible for providing the technical leadership in the software globalization across the company. He or she provides the technical guidance to product teams and developer communities about building World Ready applications using Adobe technologies. As a thought leader, the architect must partner with various business teams and influence the technical direction at different levels. In addition, this person will lead some designs of the globalization technologies that align with the company’s direction. This position requires strong presentation skills including speaking at conferences and other standards committee. Also, he or she will need coach other engineers if needed.


  • Provide architectural guidance on globalization to product teams, partners, and developer communities
  • Present the globalization aspect of Adobe technologies at conferences
  • Partner with other architects and business teams to identify globalization requirements for strategic customers
  • Lead the planning and design of globalization technologies
  • Assist the development of a roadmap for the globalization technologies across products and software frameworks
  • Analyze technology industry and market trends and determine their potential benefit and impact to our roadmap
  • Research, analyze, and recommend globalization technologies to met new business and technology needs of our global customers


  • MS in computer science and 10+ years in commercial software development
  • Expertise in software globalization is a must
  • Excellent presentation skills to a range of audiences including conferences
  • Self motivated and with strong technical and leadership skills
  • Good judgment and pragmatic approach in making architectural decisions and tradeoffs
  • Experience in agile project methodology and practices
  • Experience in enterprise and cloud computing is preferred
  • Professional knowledge of current trends and developments in the globalization domain

Adobe’s dynamic working environment is well known – including 11 years on FORTUNE magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For”, and other, similar accolades. By hiring the very best and brightest, we continue to be a simply better place to work.

Adobe is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. We welcome and encourage diversity in the workplace.

About Adobe United States
Adobe has more than 5,000 employees in the United States and is headquartered in San Jose, California, with other office locations nationwide.

Evelyn Chan
Sr. Group Manager, Globalization

New Adobe Community Champions program includes many users from across the globe

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Yesterday the Adobe Community team announced the launch of the Adobe Community Champions program, targetted at those active Adobe users who use their voice to reach out to community on a more personal level. I thought it was a great way to recognize these champions of Adobe.

I looked at the list of 87 users that were invited into this program, and I was glad to see a strong representation from across the globe: close to half of all community champions are from outside the U.S., most of which from countries were English is not the official language. There was good representation from Europe (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey, Czech Republic, Croatia, Armenia), and Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico). I felt Asia was a bit unrepresented (only a handful from Singapore, Korea and India). I identified one user from Israel, and one from Egypt. English-speaking users in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, U.K. and South Africa rounded up the list.

It’ll be great to see this list grow and include more users from across the world next year. I’ll start to check out what our users are up to in other active places such as Central and Eastern Europe, Central America, China, and Southeast Asia. BTW, have you checked out the Adobe Groups site yet? The list of groups is quite international.

Leandro Reis, Globalization Program Manager

Acrobat X 中文版 发布会

参加人数: 300
地点:中国 北京
主题:开启动态办公流程新纪元 -卓越协作 点”十”成金



首先由Adobe 大中华区经理 Yew Hwee Ng 致辞,他介绍了Acrobat 创新历程,从1993年Acrobat 1.0/PDF1.0 到2008年 PDF公文包,到2011年Acrobat X,历经18年。在此期间,人们对文档的期望不断变化,从静态文档到动态,例如25%文档是多媒体文档包含Audio,Rich Media等,而Acrobat X的公文包可以用一个文件包含所有所需内容以适应此类需求。此外,近年来各大公司企业通过提升效率降低成本的压力继续增长,工作流程也从惯有业务流程到不断变化的流程,为避免潜在损失,人们越来越多的开始从使用不安全的纸质文档到使用安全的电子文档,而新一代Acorbat解决方案提供了创建动态文档以简化流程并简化用户体验并秉承了PDF优势-为用户提供可靠的文档交互。

接着由资深技术专家 Xiao Feng介绍了Acrobat X系列的新特性。
他谈到Adobe产品的宗旨是1)简化流程; 2)使您能向客户提供更引人入胜的内容以赢得更多客户 ;3)帮助企业更好的利用资源。Acrobat产品系列贯彻了这些宗旨,例如,我们的客户 Sony公司通过使用Acrobat节省了86% 的文档审阅时间,而the HOME depot公司通过使用Acrobat每年能节省3000小时并减少70%的纸张使用。
Xiao Feng谈到如今的客户企业运营基于文档,而对文档的期望正在提升,企业面对全球化管理的挑战如团队分散,结构复杂,同时面临大工作量的挑战。而Acrobat X 产品家族是如何帮助客户应对此类需求及挑战的呢?Xiao Feng 详细介绍了本次发布的Acrobat X 产品家族每一款产品的关键特性及Acrobat X 亮点,Acrobat 新旧版本比较,此次发布有 88项更新。在此我就不一一叙述了,印象比较深的是一点是动作向导Action Wizard功能可以批量处理同一类型操作-使文档工作流简化高效,并可以与sharepoint集成提供新的服务功能。 另外新的用户界面,新的“平视显示HUD”方式可以能方便用户的使用。

下面由 Xiao Feng和Leo Miao做了很多非常酷+炫的演示,包括:
1。PSCS5 与Acrobat 交互
2。Captivate 截屏与Acrobat 交互以得到动态视频pdf或Flash文件
3。使用Presenter 对PowerPoint2010 PPT编辑添加多媒体并生成PDF
8。增强MS Word,Excel 导出,可以导出未加密的PDF并尽量保留格式(与Office 兼容性大幅提高)
10。批量处理同一类型操作-动作向导Action Wizard

最后是Q&A,在场听众踊跃提问,直到结束还有很多未问完的问题。其中很多问题很有意义,比如旧版的Acrobat 加密很容易被其他软件破解,新版本有没有提高?视频功能很强大,但文档会不会太大?对网页的支持有没有变化? 等等。Xiao Feng和Leo Miao予以一一解答。


参加者全神贯注地听关于Acrobat X的介绍

参加者全神贯注地听关于Acrobat X的介绍

来自Adobe的’魔术师’展现Acrobat X的神奇功能

来自Adobe的’魔术师’展现Acrobat X的神奇功能

Agenda of activities:

Description: cid:image001.jpg@01CBB24C.367E8130

More detailed understanding of the contents can click on the link below:

First byAdobe Manager of Greater China Yew Hwee Ng Mr,He introducedAcrobat Innovation process,From1993YearsAcrobat 1.0/PDF1.0 To2008Years PDFBriefcase,To2011YearsAcrobat X,After18Years. ,Document the changing expectations,From static documents to dynamic,Such as25%Document is a multimedia document containsAudioRich MediaEtc.,AndAcrobat XThe briefcase can be a file containing all the required content to accommodate such needs. ,Major companies in recent years to improve efficiency to reduce cost pressures continue to grow,Workflow to the process of changing from the usual business processes,To avoid potential losses,More and more people began to secure electronic documents from paper documents to the use of unsafe,The new generationAcorbatSolution to create dynamic documents in order to simplify the process and simplify the user experience and adhering toPDFEdge - to provide users with reliable document interaction.

Followed by senior technical experts Xiao FengIntroducedAcrobat XSeries of new features.
Other 谈到AdobePurpose of the product1) To simplify the process; 2) Allows you to offer more compelling content in order to win more customers 3) To help companies better use of resources.AcrobatThe product line implementation of these aims,Such as,Our customers SonyCompany through the use ofAcrobatSave86% Document review time,Andthe HOME depotCompany through the use ofAcrobatSavings per year3000Hours and reduce70%Paper use.
Xiao Feng
On today's customer business operations based on the document,Expectations for the document is to enhance,Corporate team to face the management challenges of globalization, such as dispersed,Complex structure,While facing the challenges of the large workload. Acrobat X Product family is how to help customers address these needs and challenges of it?Xiao Feng Details of this releaseAcrobat X Product family, the key features of each product andAcrobat X Highlights,Acrobat Old and new version,The release 88Items updated. ,Deep impression is a little action wizardAction WizardFeatures batch processing of the same type of operation - efficient document workflow to simplify,And withsharepointIntegrated to provide new services. In addition the new user interface,NewHead-Up DisplayHUD”Ways to use user-friendly.

Following the Xiao FengAndLeo MiaoDone a lot of very cool+Flashy demo,Include:
PSCS5 AndAcrobat Interaction
Captivate Screenshots andAcrobat Interactive video to be dynamicallypdfOrFlashFile
.Presenter ToPowerPoint2010 PPTEdit to add multimedia and generatePDF
.PDFBriefcase integrate all the files to a file
OCRText recognition
.PDFDynamic Forms
ReaderYou can add notes and save the form
.MS WordExcel Export,You can export an unencryptedPDFAnd to preserve format (withOffice Substantial increase compatibility)
.Action Wizard
What impressed me most is the integration of multimedia documents and thepptPresentations include multimedia,Very convenient. acrobat.comReview function is also very useful,The user can review the same document in real time to see the comments of others.

Finally, theQ&A,The presence of the audience enthusiastically questions,Until the end, there are many not ask them. ,For example, earlier versions ofAcrobat Encryption is easy to be cracked by other software,The new version does not improve? ,But the document will not be too much? And so on.Xiao FengAndLeo MiaoBe answered.

In short,I think this conference was very successful,Can feel a lot of the scene the audience is our real users,In the use of our software,Asked questions and given me great inspiration to help future work.

Adobe Ideas is looking for user-made videos

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Adobe Ideas is an exciting new product for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPad Touch) that allows its users to capture their creative ideas on the fly. Samples of our users’ work can be found on our product pages and on our Facebook group.

This nimble app has generated an avid following, and we are amazed at the creative ways in which our customers use it!

At this time, we are looking for user-made videos, featuring our customers’ work, workflows, tricks and designs that have been made using Adobe Ideas. If you use the application, send us links to your videos.

We are especially interested in videos in FRENCH, GERMAN AND JAPANESE!

Thank you.
Adobe Ideas+Globalization teams

Pesquisa: Traduzir ou não tutoriais para desenvolvedores?

Este artigo foi originalmente escrito em Português.


Olá! Estamos avaliando o interesse da comunidade de desenvolvedores e usuários da Adobe em receber ou ajudar com traduções de tutoriais de código sobre nossos aplicativos e tecnologias.

Gostaríamos de coletar a sua opinião, através de uma rápida enquete:

Aguardamos a sua resposta!

Acrobat X Released in 23 Languages

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I am happy to announce that Adobe Acrobat and Reader X are now available in French, German, Japanese, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazilian), Norwegian, Finnish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Croatian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, and Ukrainian. Adobe Reader X is also available in Catalan and Basque.

Besides bringing all these local language versions to market, we have also incorporated locale specific features. Such as:

In the Search and Redact feature, we provide patterns specific to 6 countries: US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Japan. So while in the US, you may want to search for and remove a U.S. Social Security Number or a U.S.-formatted phone number, in France, you may want to search for and remove a “numéro d’identification nationale” or a France-formatted phone number. We provide UI so you can choose which locale’s patterns you’d like to use. Here’s a screenshot:


Starting November 2010, we increased the number of countries where services are available for purchase, from 3 (North America only) to 38 (Worldwide). So services like, SendNow and CreatePDF are now available for sale worldwide to the user who wants to use them within the context of Reader/Acrobat OR use them stand-alone in their browser. Take a look:


For users of Adobe Reader, in addition to the language support mentioned above, we also have released Adobe Reader X for Android in thirteen languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Czech, Polish and Turkish. You can read more about Reader X in Steve’s earlier announcement.

I hope you give it a try and I would certainly love to hear what you think. You can post your comments on Adobe Forums, and which are also available in French, German, Japanese and Spanish languages.

Rob Jaworski

International Program Manager

Adobe Systems, Inc.