Acrobat X Released in 23 Languages

This article was originally written in English. Text in other languages was provided by machine translation.


I am happy to announce that Adobe Acrobat and Reader X are now available in French, German, Japanese, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazilian), Norwegian, Finnish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Croatian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, and Ukrainian.  Adobe Reader X is also available in Catalan and Basque.

Besides bringing all these local language versions to market, we have also incorporated locale specific features.  Such as:

In the Search and Redact feature, we provide patterns specific to 6 countries: US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Japan. So while in the US, you may want to search for and remove a U.S. Social Security Number or a U.S.-formatted phone number, in France, you may want to search for and remove a “numéro d’identification nationale” or a France-formatted phone number. We provide UI so you can choose which locale’s patterns you’d like to use.  Here’s a screenshot:


Starting November 2010, we increased the number of countries where services are available for purchase,  from 3 (North America only) to 38 (Worldwide). So services like, SendNow and CreatePDF are now available for sale worldwide to the user who wants to use them within the context of Reader/Acrobat OR use them stand-alone in their browser. Take a look:


For users of Adobe Reader, in addition to the language support mentioned above, we also have released Adobe Reader X for Android in thirteen languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Czech, Polish and Turkish.  You can read more about Reader X in Steve’s earlier announcement.

I hope you give it a try and I would certainly love to hear what you think. You can post your comments on Adobe Forums, and which are also available in French, German, Japanese and Spanish languages.

Rob Jaworski

International Program Manager

Adobe Systems, Inc.

12 Responses to Acrobat X Released in 23 Languages

  1. nowak Ryszard says:

    Wspaniały program,potrzebuję polskiej wersji obsługi programu.

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  3. Музафаров Фарид says:

    У меня на компьютере ваша программа ADOBE READER X без русского языка,зачем его устанавливают для русских.Если незнаеш английского невозможно работать.Пожалуйста вышлите изменение на руском языке.

  4. Ahmet Murati says:

    Hello, is it possible to give me any idea when the Adobe Reader will be in Albanian language?

    • Rob Jaworski says:

      It’s unclear when Reader will be available in languages other than what we currently offer. There are many factors that go into deciding what languages we localize to, including user feedback, so I’m glad you spoke up. Right now we’re somewhere in the neighborhood of thirty languages for Adobe Reader, and in my opinion, it’s always great when we can increase that number!

      Rob Jaworski
      International Program Manager
      Adobe Systems, Inc.

  5. brian wells says:

    Could you please advise when Acrobat will have language translation for PDFs, specifically I require French to English.

    Thank you


    • Rob Jaworski says:

      PDF files try to capture the format of the publisher of the file, including its content. Translating or interpreting the meaning of the content goes beyond this objective. Indeed, the original meaning could very well get lost in translation with a host of potential problems as a result!

      It’s an interesting idea, however. I would be interested to hear more of what you are looking for.

  6. John Kennedy says:

    This article is fine – thank you. However as I live in Spain Adobe Reader X assumes that I am Spanish – and therefore downloads me a Spanish language version without even asking what language I require the program in. Why assume anything?

    I am unable to find on the program (all the more difficult because all menu and program commands are in Spanish) how I access the English version.

    Could you possibly guide me in this respect?

    John Kennedy

    • Rob Jaworski says:

      Hi John, you bet.
      The Adobe Reader download site makes some assumptions on your language and OS preferences based on the environment in which you are operating. It then offers up what it thinks is the best option. There is a link on the download page that allows you to select a different language or operating system, and it takes you to this page. I’m pretty sure that’s what you are after. Let me know if not and I’ll be sure to get you what you need.

  7. avismile says:

    could u please give me a link to a offline installer for acrobat either 10 either 11 “HEBREW” trial setup

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