FrameMaker Localization Prerelease program!

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Do you use Adobe® FrameMaker® in any of the following three languages?
•    Japanese
•    French
•    German

If yes then here is a great opportunity for you to contribute and make an impact on improving the overall quality of Localized FrameMaker by being a part of Localized Prerelease Program. Here are the areas you can check:
•    Quality of language used throughout the UI: Do you see any instances where the translation is incorrect or not of high quality?
•    Truncations, overlaps, clippings and other flawed UI geometry: Do you notice that some text is getting truncated, or some buttons are appearing skewed?
•    Character rendition: Are the characters used in your language are displayed incorrectly, or cannot be entered in FrameMaker properly?
•    Cross-product consistency: If you are familiar with other Adobe products, do you see any discrepancy that FrameMaker shows vis-à-vis others?
•    General usability: Anything in general that you did not like about the product in general?

So if you are interested please send an email to Vinay Krishan Sharma at with following details –
1.    Full Name
2.    Email address
3.    Language interested in (out of Japanese, French and German)
4.    Your Company/Organization name
5.    Job Function/Title
6.    How long (no. of years) have you been using FrameMaker?
7.    What version of FrameMaker are you currently using?

Vinay K Sharma | Program Manager (Localization) | Adobe Systems

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