Adobe Flash – Content Creation & Localization Guidelines

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  2. Nice post! Point #8 regarding the “flickering”, isn’t this cause by text fields not sitting on “perfect” pixels? So instead of flattening your text layer, you should rather make sure that the x;y coordinates are integers. If that fails, well, I guess flattening will do the trick, but it’s worth noting that the “source” text layer should be kept as guide layer for future modifications.

    Hope that makes sense!

    • Manish Kanwal says:

      Hi Matan – You are right. What you suggested is exactly what we did to fix the problem.

  3. Nandan Jha says:

    Pretty comprehensive. Useful.

    Also, I am sending this link to Bob Gager, he might like it.

  4. Thank you for a useful post. The best practices are actionable and concrete – and should be shared with every training developer out there!

    We linked to your article from Medical Translation Insight.

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