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The Adobe Globalization Team delivers internationalization technologies and localized products, content to support worldwide customers, and drives internationalization best practices across Adobe. You can find a brief introduction of some team members that have contributed to this blog:

Janice Campbell is a Senior International Program Manager localizing Flash Platform products. She enjoys engaging with Adobe developers, customers, and user groups in order to understand their multilingual requirements.


Lily Wen has been with Adobe for 12 years, ten of which working on product localization and internationalization. Her current role is international engineering manager, responsible for AIR, Adobe Ideas, Adobe Camera Raw, Browser Lab, Digital Publishing Solutions, Dreamweaver, Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst, Flash Professional, Flash Player, Flex SDK, Lightroom, Photoshop, Photoshop Express, and Scene 7.

Lily Wen在Adobe工作已有十二年,其中十年做产品本地化和国际化的工作。她现任国际 工程经理,负责如下项目:AIR, Adobe Ideas, Adobe Camera Raw, Browser Lab, Digital Publishing Solutions, Dreamweaver, Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst, Flash Professional, Flash Player, Flex SDK, Lightroom, Photoshop, Photoshop Express, and Scene 7.

Iouri Tchernoousko is a graduate of the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) with 10 years of experience in localization.  He currently manages the work on international releases of several Digital Imaging products including Photoshop.  His interests include user research and interaction and research.  He also teaches localization at MIIS.

Leandro Reis manages Adobe’s “World-Readiness” program, which helps Adobe teams and customers design and implement applications and technologies that can be used anywhere in the world. He also manages the Globalization team’s social networking engagements. Leandro holds a B.S. in Computer Science from San Jose State, and is an Advanced Project Management certification by Stanford University. He’s been with the Adobe Globalization team since 1996.


Avinash S. Kotwal has been working at Adobe Systems, Inc. for 6 years. He holds an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow and Bachelors in Computer Science. He currently manages international releases of Illustrator and Reader on Android.

Seungmin Lee has been with Adobe since 2003, and has managed international releases of Adobe Connect, Adobe Presenter, Captivate and  As a certified scrum master, she has also managed the program to develop the prototype of Adobe Collaborative Translation Technology (CTT) and Adobe Translator for community translation.  She is a Korean native with MA in Translation, and currently lives in San Francisco, California.


A native of San Jose, California, Rob Jaworski has been with Adobe since 2004 and is primarily responsible for the international releases of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader.  He has also worked on tools for making localization project administration easier and more automated.


Mengmeng Niu grew up in Beijing, China and came to the United States in 2006 to study in Monterey Institute of International Studies. She worked as a summer intern in 2007 managing terminology and then returned as a full time employee after graduation in 2008. She develops quality metrics, manages Adobe linguistic tools and assets, and Translation Management System to serve the needs for software, documentation and marketing localization.


Guta Ribeiro is a Sr. Group Program Manager. She leads a centralized program management team that ships the international versions of Adobe products. Guta holds an M.A. in Linguistics from Indiana University, Bloomington. She is taking Computational Linguistics classes at University of Washington in Seattle. Guta is a Women Unlimited alumni, and she enjoys playing video and board games.


Des Oates is a Localization Solutions Architect in the Globalization Team. He is responsible for specifying and building systems and services that strive to solve complex localization workflow problems. He lives and works in Scotland – the only member of the team based in Western Europe. When not working Des is a keen musician, an average footballer and a bad golfer. He holds a Higher Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering and a Masters Degree in Applied Informatics.

He mulls over assorted topics on Twitter @deso


Dirk Meyer is a product manager for collaborative translation technologies and internationalization in Adobe’s Globalization group. He is researching and developing technologies which are helping to improve the multilingual features of Adobe products. Another area of focus for Dirk is to empower Adobe’s user community to work on and contribute to translations for our products in a collaborative fashion.
Dirk has studied in Germany and at the University of Beijing, China and holds an honors degree in Chinese studies and East European history.


The postings on this site are each contributor’s own and don’t necessarily represent the position, views or opinions of Adobe.

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  1. Sorry guys,
    this so called german translated sites are barely readable. Starts with the headline DIE …-TEAM (it reads DAS …-TEAM) – i would never publish such a poor translation.
    Adobe is such a big company – is there no native german speaker to correct this.
    kind regards and a happy new year

  2. Dear, I am user of Adobe CS4 Production Premiun since. Adobe since this version offers a product that until the CS6 version still does not include: That is the functionality speechanalysis stick today is not available in Portuguese-Brazil. We are certainly one of the major users of the products ADOBE. Therefore, I would suggest that the search for the next Adobe update include this functionality in the product facilitates the editing process too especially when using Multi-Camera. I appreciate if you can forward this request.

  3. I want to join Adobe’s team of translators. I currently work for a couple international translation and localization agencies. I work remotely. I’m interested in adding a couple more clients. How can I apply to Adobe’s internationalization team?

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