Adobe software localization process

This article was originally written in Korean. Text in other languages was provided by machine translation.

For localization of Adobe software 3 Phases are carried out.

  • International localization
  • Localization, Translation
  • Quality Control Testing

Depending on the product, there is some difference, but in most Adobe software, the first product development process to facilitate localization of software engineers, operations will be subject to. When this is complete, translation and localization will be put in. Localization translation localization services in South Korea through a partner many of those nations. Using a variety of software and document translation seolmeong before the final release relentless quality control process will be repeated.

American localization team is located in , Canada, China, Located in India, Localization service partners are distributed around the world. Adobe's internationalization team tonghe kkeunyieopneun innovation for rapid and accurate localization-related technology and tools are always striving to develop.

Seungmin Lee