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Our blog goes multilingual!


This article was originally written in English. Text in other languages was provided by machine translation.

Today we’re rolling out some really cool multilingual functionality in our blog.

Thanks to a WordPress plug-in from Transposh, we are now able to provide translations in various languages for each of our blog posts, which can be easily selected through a simple language-switching mechanism, which you can find on the right sidebar of this page:

Up until now, we tried to reach many of our international customers by maintaining separate blog sites for each language. With the new functionality, we can now serve content in multiple languages in the same location.

For the moment, these are machine translations, which we all know are rarely perfect. But fortunately it’s also possible for readers to contribute better translations (you need to register with us first):

What I find really appealing with this new functionality is that original posts can be in any language, not just English. For example, we have some posts in Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Korean and Chinese. These can now be translated into any other available language, including English.

I have seen very few blogs that are multilingual. Our team is certainly the first one at Adobe to do so. Also, I believe we are one of the first multilingual corporate blogs.

I’m curious to see how this will be received by our community of readers. We’re starting with just a handful of languages. If you want to see it in other languages, let us know.

Try it out and let us know what you think.

Leandro Reis
Sr. Globalization Program Manager