Grab the source code to the Flex SDK

Step 1: Get yourself a Subversion client. My favorite is TortoiseSVN, although that’s Windows-only. There’s a free version of SmartSVN that’s cross-platform, and I use that on the Mac. Or you can go barebones with the command-line client, svn, from the Subversion site.

Step 2: Point your client at and do a checkout. If you use this URL, you’ll actually get three branches:

* trunk – where we’ll develop Flex 4
* branches/3.0.x – where we finished up Flex 3 and will develop Flex 3.0.1
* tags/ – the code that built the release we just shipped

If you want only one of these, you can check out just the piece you want.

For more info, see the instructions here on our open-source project site.

4 Responses to Grab the source code to the Flex SDK

  1. Sean Upton says:

    Hi Gordon,Could Adobe consider running svn over https instead of plain http? Some of Adobe’s customers (including my employer, a daily newspaper) run Symantec enterprise firewalls, which do not understand some Delta-V WebDAV methods that Subversion uses – using https gets around this.Both for the firewall reason, and for good security (ssl certificate establishes trust, prevents hypothetical man-in-middle injecting malicious code into a checkout), this may be a good idea.Thanks,Sean

  2. Gordon Smith says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, Sean… I’ve raised this issue with our IT team. If we decide go ahead with it, it will take a few weeks. To get the discussion going, please go to the project website (, click on Forums, and add a post to the General Discussion forum.

  3. Prague Hotel says:

    I agree with Gordon, as I work at a hotel in Prague and we also run Symantec firewalls. If https was used it would make things much easier for us, and the many other companies which use the same firewall.