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Welcome to Flexophile!

About me

My name is Gordon Smith and I’m a development engineer on the Flex team at Adobe. I’m not the U.S. Senator from Oregon, so don’t bother lobbying me. Besides, I belong to the other party.

After doing a postdoc in theoretical physics, I left academia and got into software engineering. In 1991 I joined Macromedia (which was acquired by Adobe in 2005) and worked for about ten years on a multimedia authoring tool called Director. In February 2002 I was one of four engineers who started working on a new project that eventually turned into Flex. (The other Flex engineer still around from that time is Glenn Ruehle.) So, my involvement with Flex goes all the way back to its inception. It’s been fun to watch this baby grow up!

I work mostly on the Flex framework, with some occasional dabbling in the MXML compiler. I’ve got a lot of experience with ActionScript and MXML and in the Flash and Flex APIs. Much of my work on the Flex framework has been in core classes such as UIComponent, Container, etc. I was deeply involved in revising Flex to use ActionScript 3 and run on Player 9. I’m pretty opinionated about various coding practices. Recently I’ve been working on runtime localization and framework support for AIR, the new Adobe Integrated Runtime.

I tend to be a practical, detail-oriented guy, not a blue-sky visionary. I try to think about features from the point of view of our developers. I place a very high value on simplicity, consistency, and elegance.

Outside work, my main interests are seeing the world (especially more-remote places like Patagonia, Bhutan, and Antarctica), hiking/trekking, classical music, and good food. But since this is an Adobe-hosted work blog I won’t bore you with personal stuff. If you’re reading a blog named Flexophile, you’re looking for info about Flex and I’ll try to deliver it.