CSI nonsense has to stop!

Alright, first off, disclaimers out of the way, it is one of my favorite shows. Paritally because it’s scientific and all, but I also live for the image manipulation sequences.

Last night there was a scene where they are viewing survelliance tape. They stop the frame on this grainy, night shot, B/W tape, then zoom in on an area 1/1000 the size of the screen:

“There! That piece of paper. Zoom in on that” – wait for it….

“See if I can enhance that…” – get ready for some magic!

“What is it a barcode?” – looks like nasty pixels to me

“Looks like a PDF 417” – LOL, ROTFL, I am enhaling carpet at this point

“2 dimensional barcode” – wait it gets better

“can you decode it?” – of course!

“I think so” – tap, tap, tap on the keyboard … appropriate star trek like noise (hmmm maybe we should have that when we run Photoshop filters)…

then the image magically appears at 300 dpi

“OK, it’s an airline boarding pass” – jeez, the software was able to decode it

“…last night,Vegas to Philadephia, then on to Rome, and Sardinia

Well, at least I can give them credit for the PDF 417.

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