XMP Open™ Day

From the IDEAlliance newsletter –
“As part of its new XMP Open™ initiative, IDEAlliance will host XMP Open Day in conjunction with the PrintMedia 06 Conference and Expo at the Hilton New York on March 22, 2006. XMP Open Day will provide tutorials about metadata and XMP™ as well as a series of panel discussions featuring publishers who intend to build their asset management strategies upon XMP. You will learn how XMP works in Adobe’s Creative Suite and learn about new IDEAlliance XMP Open initiatives designed extend this critical new technology to meet the requirements of the end-to-end digital asset supply chain. Before the day is over you will understand the promise of this technology and develop a network of media asset companies who plan to base their digital asset management strategy on XMP. Registration for the IDEAlliance XMP Open Program will enable you to attend the PrintMedia 06 Keynote Presentation and Expo as well. You can register at www.xmp-open.org. ”

BTW – I am the product manager for Adobe Bridge and XMP.


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