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IPTC support – XMP and IIM

IPTC support of XMP has been critical in raising the awareness of the importance of metadata in the photography and news communities. This has led to XMP being the metadata platform of choice for PLUS (picture licensing) and for AdsML for print based advertising workflows.

As XMP’s influence expands from image capture across creative workflows, it demonstrates the value of Adobe tools to carry the creator’s information and intent throughout the publishing lifecycle.

The value of this interoperability is demonstrated in the support of XMP by non-Adobe vendors.

The IPTC has been collecting information on software products that supports the IPTC standard – both the old IIM format and the new XMP based format.

The list of vendors and their IPTC support is here.

Roughly half non-Adobe vendors are supporting XMP – which is pretty good considering PS CS2 was the first implementation of XMP based IPTC.

The 4.0 version of the XMP toolkit will accelerate this adoption since it will provide the libraries necessary to write XMP that is consistent with the Adobe products.