Bridge CS3 & Version Cue SDKs Now Available

Yes it has finally arrived, the Bridge CS3 SDK. If you are a Flash and Javascript developer you should be doubly psyched – Bridge’s extensibility is based on using Javascript to create extensions and communicate to other applications. Bridge also incorporates the Flash player which means you can design interactive UIs for use within Bridge.

So the Bridge platform includes:

* ExtendScript – an Adobe version of Javascript

* Flash player – for UI creation (check out the samples)

* ExtendScript UI – create native UI using ExtendScript

* HTML Browser – view websites within Bridge

* FTP and HTTP – connect to webservices!

* C++ plugin – samples on how to hook in your C++ code

* XMP Scripting – much easier access for write and modifying XMP through Bridge

* BridgeTalk – communication protocol to talk with other apps – get them to do some work

If you are serious about connecting Bridge to an digital asset management (DAM) system then you need to check out the Version Cue SDK. This SDK is focused on making it really simple to connect the Adobe CS3 products, especially Bridge, to your DAM implementation. My product manager colleague Mike Wallen has done a great job of providing an overview and a demo of the SDK.

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