Camera Placard in Bridge CS3

Bridge CS3 has significantly updated it’s UI, especially in the area of displaying camera specific metadata. Wade Heninger, UI designer for Bridge has this to say about the design:

“The push for this design was two fold:

1. To represent photographic data in a form that was quick to recognize because it speaks the photo shorthand photogs were used to with their cameras

2. We could maximize the metadata presentation – it lets us put 11 items in the space normally reserved for 4 or 5 items in a scrolling list. Furthermore, it put like-items near to each other in a grid that was easy to memorize.”

I’ve a cheat sheet to some of the other icons that are shown in the placard below

Camera Placard:

Camera Placard

Visual icons used to communicate Meter Modes:

Picture 1-1

White balance icons:

White Balance

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