Chyron – Real Time TV using XMP

It’s one of those things that you see everyday on TV and maybe wonder how they do that. If you have ever seen baseball scores overlaid on video of the game, or titles under news personalities – those graphics are created in real time with tools created by companies such as Chyron.

Just got a demo from the nice folks at Chyron while I am at NAB on their latest implementation of XMP – very cool. Basically they are using XMP to carry title and caption information in the image that would be broadcast – so for example, if there is a TIFF of the sports player, the XMP in the TIFF would contain the player’s name. The image is brought into the Chyron tools where the title graphics and animation is then added. The player’s name in the XMP is directly read and show in the title graphics.

What is cool about this is that using XMP to carry this info reduces the errors that can happen in rekeying infomation and reassociating it with the image – now the image describes itself. As my tagline states – the message is in the medium.

It helps reduce the errors that can happen such as labeling a republican a democrat and viceaversa – gaffs that can easily land you on the Daily Show.

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