Creative Commons and XMP

I met up with Jon Phillips at Creative Commons last week to talk about what’s been happening with CC lately.  A few years back I invited Larry Lessig to come to Adobe to talk about Free Culture – as always he put on a great talk.  I’ve always been a big believer on enabling the spectrum between public domain and copyright with metadata.  We even created a few XMP templates to use to stamp your media with CC licenses.

But that was before Bridge CS3 and XMP libraries that support multimedia file types

Now Adobe has a customizable media browser and a set of open source metadata libraries for writing licenses directly into media files. Later this month we will post the Bridge CS3 SDK.  The most exciting development is the ability to create Flash panels within Bridge and hook them up to the metadata libraries using Javascript.  These types of extensions to the Bridge platform can make it easier for creatives to better control how their creative works should be used.

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