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Updated Bridge SDK now with XMP metadata JavaScript Documentation

The Bridge SDK has just been updated to include additional information on how to use JavaScript to access XMP metadata services in Bridge. From the documentation:

XMPScript, the XMP ExtendScript API, offers JavaScript access to the Adobe XMP Core and XMP Files libraries. This chapter provides reference information for the JavaScript objects related to XMP, with their properties and methods.

This exciting for developers because it provides in depth info on how to extend Bridge’s metadata capabilities to build custom solutions. The recently posted BridgeExportToJPEG is an example of a script that take advantage of this.

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Extending Bridge CS3 with Flash

Yes, it’s true. You can harness the power of Flash to extend Bridge CS3 to build your own features. I just uploaded an example of this to the Bridge section on the Adobe Exchange website.

Once loaded into the Bridge startup scripts folder, the BridgeExportToJPEG extension will demonstrate a Flash UI panel in Bridge that is functional in driving Bridge to create JPEGs and manipulate XMP metadata. All the thumbnails that are created in Bridge are JPEG based, so it is possible to export these thumbnails as JPEGs – for example if you want to create a JPEG catalog or quickly send JPEGs of your RAW files. I’ve also included the FLA file for tweaking. It’s all available under a BSD license.

It would be great to see more Flash and Javascript developers build on the Bridge platform to develop their own features. Bridge also includes an HTML browser and HTTP and FTP services – so linking up to a web service can be accomplished. How about displaying GPS data in my photo as a Google/Yahoo map in Bridge?

Get started with the Bridge and XMP SDKs, if you are thinking of connecting to an Asset Management system, check out the Version Cue SDK.

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XMP 4.1.1 SDK available under BSD license

The 4.1.1 XMP Toolkit (SDK) has been finalized and moved to the Adobe’s Developers Center. The 4.1 Toolkit is now available under the BSD license for open source developers.

Although the previous Adobe open source license is quite open, we decided that is was best to use a standard open source license that is respected in the open source community. was invaluable in reviewing the many different open source licenses that are available.

The 4.1.1 XMP release is significant because it include the source code for developers to read, write and update XMP in popular image, document and video file formats including JPEG, PSD, TIFF, AVI, WAV, MPEG, MP3, MOV, INDD, PS, EPS and PNG.

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