Metadata Games

Good to see other metadata blogs out there. I noticed from Beth’s page a number of interesting links.

The one about Fastr caught my interest as a way to tag Flickr images.

I see that Scott has added Groups support to Fastr so one could further narrow the context of the game to be within the “food” group or “travel” group.

It would be interesting if the guess were to be reapplied back to the
image owners as “social tags”. The original owner could then choose to
accept the tags or not.

This “giving back” would be a more of an open source approach to collecting metadata rather than Google’s approach with Image Labeler. Which seems to be focused on improving the quality of Google’s search results –
Welcome to Google Image Labeler, a feature of Google Search that allows you to label images and help improve the quality of Google’s image search results.

Metadata games could actually be a cool idea for the home. I have an Apple TV and a Wii – I have often wanted to pick up my Wii and “tag” or rate my slideshow images as they floated across the screen. I could easily imagine a game where the family competed against each other to identify who is in the images – or does what Fastr is doing but with other people pictures that they have shared.

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