Communication + Plex = Complex?

TimeTube is a very nice UI for visualizing YouTube content no only as a timeline but as a list view, flipbook and map view. A interesting example of how to navigate videos with metadata.

I have been reading Everything is Miscellaneous by David Weinberger – i am about halfway through. It reinforced the importance of faceted search as a navigation mode through loosely tagged media. Not everything can fit within a hierarchy, and there is value in slicing the information in different dimensions.

With different ways of navigating the information and the complexity of video (time based) metadata, we are going to see a renaissance in the display, experience and interaction with information. Infosthetics is a great site that has a beat on this with new examples all the time.

With the release of Microsoft’s Plex, we may all be navigating metadata with our bodies rather than our mice.

I have a saying – “The more complex life gets, the more valuable design becomes.” – It’s going to be interesting what the Wii Gen will come up with for communication interfaces…

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