Eureka Like Metadata

Something is starting to smell… like success. I read Joseph Bachana’s article over at CMS Watch on Innovations in DAM, Circa 2008 – His view is that XMP is starting to take off driven by customer demand.

“Ever since the XMP spec was first released in 2005, commentators predicted the standard was on the verge of taking off, but it never quite did…until perhaps last year. Within the past year, virtually all of the digital asset management implementations my company has executed have included the XMP spec to varying degrees. It might be that we’re influencing that as a consulting firm, but more often than not the customer is driving.”

Well XMP has been around since the turn of the century (not 2005). It’s taken a while for it to get adopted across the Adobe toolset and mature into a key technology. The turning point was updating the XMP Toolkit – the developer SDK that provides the same exact libraries that Adobe applications use to process metadata.

This was additionally reinforced at the Henry Stewart Asset Management Conference that just wrapped up in Liberty City…er I mean NY. Even though Adobe didn’t have a booth, there was a lot of buzz about XMP from customers and partners alike.

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