Introduction to XMP from IDEAlliance

IDEAlliance is providing a free introductory webinar on XMP. on May 8th @ 2:00 Eastern. IDEAlliance is a non-profit standards organization that is focused on defining best practices within the publishing and information technology industry.

There is also a XMP-Open event May 14th from 9:00-12:00 in New York that I will attend. If you are interested in how metadata can improve your business, and sharing best practices, this is the event to attend.

I have been working with IDEAlliance for many years on multiple efforts related to metadata and XMP. The Digital Imaging Submission Standards (DISC) was the first to use XMP as a standard for information exchange between the pro photographer and magazine publisher. The PRISM Standard (Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata) version 2.0 is based on XMP as well.

In general I have seen a growth of communities and industries coming together to standardize the exchange of information related to media exchanged. This fits the XMP model perfectly since the information can be embedded directly in the media. It also helps that Adobe’s creative tools can be extended to support custom namespaces and schemas.

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  1. MikeM says:

    free intro URL – fails[Gunar] They are having certificate issues – you should be able to click through