XMP in the news

Some new products that have added XMP support – looks like Drupa (happening this week) is spinning up PR announcements…

* NAPC Elegant 3.0 includes support for XMP in their Xinet connector plugin

* Fototime has added XMP support – looks like this was back in March

* ICS is showing approval sign- off via embedded XMP PDF support

2 Responses to XMP in the news

  1. Andy Baker says:

    Are there any plans to support anything other than Java and C++ in the SDK? I was rather disappointed to find there was no Python support. Surely throwing a few more developers at the SDK would encourage uptake?[Gunar] – At this point we don’t have spare developers to throw at this. But would be encouraged to see an open source effort grow to address this. Some work has already been done in the Linux world by Hubert’s project exempi.

  2. Will Pollard says:

    A while ago I spoke to David van Driessche from Gradual Software who told me they use XMP with PDF files to store job details from designers and customers. I thought JDF was meant for this but it is too complicated apparently. Long ago there was the Portable Job Ticket Format, part of the PDF file. My guess is that people with Acrobat don’t use JDF because they don’t know about it. Adobe could inform them sometimes. But meanwhile is XMP a solution? I will be at drupa next week, any suggestions where to look welcome.[Gunar] My general guidance has been that XMP is descriptive and JDF is prescriptive. However, I have been seeing the use of XMP grow since XMP can be embedded in other media than just PDF. I’ve begun referring to XMP as a communications technology carried with the media. XMP is also fundamentally schema neutral – so you can add whatever info you want, whereas JDF is much more defined for a particular workflow. It really depends on what solution or workflow is desired.