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Metadata’s dead…

But the memories live on. Looks like the funeral industry in Japan has found a unique way to link to the deceased.

I talk about XMP metadata as a communication technology carried within the media but I never thought of it in terms of channeling my ancestors. Talk about embedded metadata, the QR codes are chiseled right into the tombstone.

Metadata seems to always add value to whatever it touches, even in creepy weird ways.

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InDesign Scripting with XMP

I get frequent requests for how XMP can be used to automate the assembly and design process. This script demonstrates the ability to pull the Author and Document Title metadata info in the placed asset and place it in the InDesign document.

Thanks Steve for the blog posting.

Imagine if we were to start automating workflows based on other pieces of metadata… like rights information or design constraints – what would you like to see?