New XMP SDKs released

I am proud to announce that we have released 2 new SDKs related to XMP in the XMP Developer Center.

The first is the XMP Toolkit 4.4 which is available under a BSD license and includes support for new file formats: ASF (WMA, WMV), FLV; MPEG4; SWF; and folder-based video formats AVCHD, P2, SonyHDV, and XDCAM.

The second SDK is the FileInfo SDK that documents how to customize the metadata UI across the CS4 applications. Since the CS4 metadata UI is based on Flex, it provides the ability to connect to web services and use custom Flash based UIs.

We have also provided a 3 part specification that clearly outlines the XMP data model and serialization methods, standard schemas that are support in Adobe products, and importantly how XMP packets are stored in various file formats.

One Response to New XMP SDKs released

  1. Tony Hammond says:

    Congratulations on this new XMP release. Good to see some fresh activity on the XMP initiative. And new reading too: 112 page spec bumped to 3-parter of 199 pages. :)But I looked in vain for a version number – or even a date. The previous spec was likewise unversioned but at least dated “September 2005”. Here we don’t even have that. There is only a copyright date of “2008”. Are there any plans to introduce version numbers and/or dates to the XMP specs for reference purposes?[Gunar] Good catch, in general the spec should not be tied to the version of the SDK, so we will call this October 2008. The docs will be updated in future. Thanks Tony.