Products supporting XMP

Happy New Year!  Looks like more and more products and services are supporting XMP.  Below is a short list that I have seen in the last few weeks.  Let me know if your product is supporting XMP. 

Memory Miner
“MemoryMiner is the award-winning Digital Storytelling application for Mac and Windows
used to discover the threads connecting peoples’ lives across time and
place. It lets you zero in on the stories depicted in your photos by
linking them to each other based on people, places and time. Using
simple drag and drop actions, you specify who is in the picture, where
the picture was taken and when.”

Zevrix BatchOutput Server
“BatchOutput Server can output a specific page range and compose the variable output file name based on the InDesign document XMP metadata. This powerful feature is enabled through XMP Variables, where you define which XMP tags to use for variable values.” Macnn review.

“HoudahGeo is a photo geocoding & geotagging tool. It enables you to assign pictures to the locations where they
were taken.”

“HoudahGeo may write GPS coordinates and other metadata to EXIF/XMP/IPTC tags of many image formats (JPEG, RAW, DNG, CR2, …). The visible image itself is not altered in the process. These tags may be read by numerous software
products and web services. E.g. iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, Panoramio, Flickr, …”

Kalimages PRO
“A professional tool for digital image management to capture metadata
from photos or other digitalized contents loading the extracted
information into a relational database for sql specialized functions
and full text image search. Kalimages PRO application has IPTC/IIM,
IPTC Core and XMP support including support for any xmp customized data
you may have.”

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  1. John C. Fox says:

    Hi Gunar:Thanks for the mention, I’m really excited about using XMP in MemoryMiner. I created a new annotation namespace which I used to capture the selection markers which indicate people or other interesting regions of a photo. Here’s a screen movie (no audio) which shows how it works: forward, there will be some other really cool stuff we’re working on with a partner to help with the annotation of scanned photos and documents.For those interested, here’s a video that covers the story behind MemoryMiner and where we’re headed with it:,John%5Bi%5D%5BGunar%5D Very cool – thanks John![/i]