XMP Library for ActionScript on Labs

I’m excited to announce that we have just released the first preview of the XMP Library for ActionScript on Adobe Labs.

The code is based on the XMPCore library that is used to process and manage XMP data. The AS library provides the functionality to read the metadata in SWF, FLV and F4V (Flash Player 10 only) files.

This starts to get really exciting when we take advantage of the speech to text capabilities of the Production Premium CS4. The CS4 apps capture a lot of metadata during the production process and make it available in the final output of the FLV or F4V file. This means that these “intelligent” video files contain rich information that can now be mined/liberated/accessed in AIR and Flex applications with the XMP AS libraries.

A great example of this is a demo app we created internally called the karaoke app. It is a simple AIR application that reads the speech to text metadata markers stored in XMP in the video file and displays it automatically in synch with the playback of the video. Here is a screen shot:

You can also see that it shows rating, keywords and copyright information and a raw dump of all the XMP.

Being able to read metadata information from a video while it is playing and process it or link it to other information has some very cool applications.

Simply being able to search the speech text makes video navigation a lot more manageable – this can be done in Premiere, now it can be done in a simple AIR application.

If GPS data was captured, it could be pass on to a map widget that could dynamically show where the video was taken – pretty cool for travel videos.

Actor metadata could be linked to fan websites, bios or social networks that could be easily retrieved in context of the video or in another browser.

Tagging videos could eventually push the metadata back to source or a hosted service to highlight where the most popular sections of the video were. You could probably create a simple app to do pop-up video ala MTV.

Fundamentally we need to think of metadata as another communication channel that can be leveraged to enable more engaging experiences. Making it accessible to the AIR platform enables the communication channel to be accessible and connected to other web resources. In turn this makes intelligent media more social and therefore more valuable to the creator, consumers and advertisers.

What would you want to do with this functionality?

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2 Responses to XMP Library for ActionScript on Labs

  1. adrian says:

    Oh my…So, I have been typing things like this into google today”metadata entry f4v tool””metadata entry f4v encoder batch””metadata spreadsheet entry f4v music”So I’m delighted to find meta fv4 heaven!I encode a lot of video everyday for web delivery. I have many forms of physical and digital video content sources incoming from many content owners. The metadata they supply can be scrawled on a tape, to delivered in excel or tab delimeted or xml sometimes.So I would love to be able to import metadata from a spreadsheet into a batch of encoded .mp4 files and then into .FV4 files. As the file goes online, tags and other data can then be added as the file is used online…I have to say, for me, a video encoder at heart, metadata + H.264 + F4V is the inevitable future of video delivery on multiple platforms and distribution methods. Rich metadata is what carries the contents value….So woo that!I hope to dig deeper now into how to tie all my encoding and metadata production tools together…Air seems the way…Adrian[Gunar] I am delighted to hear your enthusiasm! We hope that these libraries will lower the barrier to create AIR apps that can address your needs

  2. Brooks says:

    Hey Gunar,The AS3 XMP libs are wonderful to an extent, but are missing core functionality. We definitely need a File I/O capability for AIR apps similar to what Adobe provides in its C / C++ SDK. Any chance this functionality is on the way (I really want to embed xmp data into images and videos with AIR apps).[Gunar] We are working on it. Getting AIR apps to be metadata savvy is on our list.