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Love, Verse

I came across this via Boing Boing with the original via Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Love (as in For The Love Of Game Development), is a mini MMO being created by one developer/artist – Eskil Steenberg. The visuals alone are gorgeous but his approach to building it and the technology he is using got me excited.


From Rock, Paper, Shotgun –

Since Steenberg is a one man show, he’s relying on clever maths to build the world for him and then clever gamers to come in and help him figure out where to take it, and what to do with it…..Players will be able to do things like deform elements of terrain, allowing them to build tunnel networks or walls to defend their property. Items will also be intended for the good of all as Steenberg creates them and drops them into the world. You won’t be picking up rifles in your adventures, but more likely the plans for the rifle-building machine, that can then be utilised by everyone in your village.

It’s open source virtual reality that engages game designers, artists, players.

Some of the technology behind it is intriguing – like Verse – from the Love site –

Verse is a network standard that a allows graphics applications to share data in real-time. It means that two or more independent applications can share the same data. If you make a change in one you immediately see the change in the other. It is a free and open source system that can be integrated in to any graphics application to allow them to share data. You can collaborate with other users over the Internet, use it for content pipe-lining, games, VR, simulation and much much more.

Wouldn’t it be cool to hook in Adobe tools into Verse so that designers can create items for Love, or even directly in Love?

Now, imagine if objects in the VR can tagged to offer richer description and interaction – perhaps he might be interested in XMP for VR entities?