CS4 Coverage

As you might expect, there’s been a ton written about the Production Premium CS4 releases over the last few days. I’ve attempted a quick roundup of some of the ones that have come across my desk, although I fear I’m already a days behind in the roundup!

Dig Deep into CS4

I know some of you are chomping at the bit to see what you can do in our new releases. Well, some of your curiosities can be answered now–the documentation team has posted the full documentation for Premiere Pro CS4, After Effects CS4, and Soundbooth CS4. More documentation will be coming soon.

You can also take this as your first chance to play around with our new Community Help which is linked from the first page of each product’s help section. The idea is that the community can, in aggregate, document how to use Adobe tools far better than we can on our own. So we start with all the documentation that we normally have and add a single search that can turn up results in our own help, knowledgebases, blogs, and other web sites and then we merge in tutorials and how-tos from community sites. As more tutorials are suggested we’ll be adding them into the search results. One day someone might post a great tutorial on, say, noise removal in Soundbooth and a couple days later that might be the highest hit in our community help search for “noise reduction.”

CS4 Launch Webcast

If you wanted to check out the CS4 launch webcast on Tuesday morning but missed it you now have a second chance: the whole stream has been posted to Adobe TV. Enjoy!

Production Premium CS4 is Official

It’s always hard to believe when a launch finally comes, but it’s here! This morning we unveiled the whole CS4 lineup in our webcast and all the juicy details have been posted. There’s a lot out there so I thought I’d point all of you information-hungry folks to the places you can learn more.

First, check out the official products sites. You can start on the main Production Premium site to read about the suite features, and there are links there to all the individual components. There’s also features list for the suite, and below I’ve got links to the main pages and feature lists for all the point products as well.

You should also check out Adobe TV, our (relatively) new video site that’s now been filled with CS4 videos. Start with the video professionals page, which includes feature tours of the suite, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Flash, Photoshop, Soundbooth, and the rest of the gang.

And remember, the new feature overviews are just the highlights. There are hundreds of details throughout the suite that don’t get mentioned in the high-level overviews. Dig in and enjoy!

Creative Suite 4 Announcement

I can’t say anything specific, but here’s a heads up for those of you who don’t visit the Adobe.com main page often: we’ll be announcing CS4 via webcast on September 23rd. Sign up now for your invitation!

New Audition-centric Blog

Blair Trosper is a long-time Audition user and radio station imaging director in North Carolina. He’s decided to share what he’s learned in a career of radio production (and Audition usage) with the world at his new blog, Generate Noise. It’s brand new but his first posts are already packed with great information so I have high hopes this will be a great resource for the community. Drop by to check it out and encourage Blair to keep it up!

Adobe, New Media, and NAB

Cynthia Wisehart has posted a new article on Digital Content Producer Online about NAB and Adobe. It’s a great read, and it’s always interesting to see an outside take on what has become a hot-button issue.

We’re psyched for NAB this year. Unlike most attendees, have customers at every stage of the video production line: from planning and shooting, through post-production, all the way out to playback–and those workflows keep multiplying as quality expectations rise and the number of relevant screens grows. There’s no better way for us to engage with and get feedback from all those different customers than at NAB. Broadcast is simply in our blood. We’ll see you there.

The More Things Change…

I’ve been living, breathing, thinking, and dreaming audio software for just over 10 years. Starting with Syntrillium in 1997, to Adobe with the team in 2003, and through the release of Audition 3 last November, it’s been my pleasure to work with some of the most brilliant minds I know to bring what (I hope) are some of the best audio tools in the world to you all. It’s been a ton of fun, and while audio (and music in particular) will continue to be my first love and passion, it’s time for me to move on and try something new. Ten years is a long time for anything, even the best job in the world.

So what now? Well, I’m not going too far–I’ve been asked to take on the enviable role of product manager for Production Premium. Now my mission is to broaden my view of the world and try to keep an eye on the whole video and interactive workflow–from planning to playback, from the web to HD, from mobile to movies. I’m thrilled by the chance to stretch into something new but still stay close (and in touch) with the audio team and products I love.

And the audio team couldn’t be in better hands. I’m thrilled to say we found someone who’s a perfect fit for the audio product management position: Lawson Hancock. Not only does Lawson have lots of software product management experience, but he’s also a musician who left Macromedia several years ago to finish his album. But I’ll let him introduce himself–Lawson has just started up a new audio team blog where he and the rest of the team will keep you all up to date on the world of audio at Adobe. Make sure to stop by and bookmark or subscribe to the new blog! And this blog? Well, I intend to keep it going with a spread focus on all sorts of Dynamic Media topics.

Finally, I just want to thank all of you, our users. The last ten years have been a thrill and it’s entirely because of your enthusiasm and passion for our tools and how it they fit into your own work. The shouts of joy when I show a new version–and the honest calling out when we fall short–have kept me engaged and excited like nothing else, and I look forward to seeing what you, and the audio team, create next.

Software Editorial Review of Soundbooth

Software Editorial has posted another review and overview of Soundbooth. The reviewer concludes with:

SoundBooth CS3 provides all the necessary tools without confusing the user, and enables good quality audio to be a part of a professional video presentation.


More Soundbooth Training

Today I saw that Matt Armstrong over at Studio Daily has posted a short video tutorial on using Soundbooth’s Noise Reduction. It looks like the video is taken from a longer training series from classondemand.com. I’m not familiar with their training series, but it looks like they cover a bunch of titles.