Introducing Adobe Soundbooth

It’s an exciting day for the audio team–we just posted a beta of a brand new application, Adobe Soundbooth, to Adobe Labs for everyone to check out! Soundbooth is built for creative pros and developers who don’t have a background in audio but need to get audio tasks done quickly anyway. When we went out and visited customers who are doing video and web (especially Flash) work we found that most of you needed to do your own audio work regularly, but were using a hodgepodge of tools to get the job done–and none of those tools felt comfortable.

Soundbooth is our answer for that. Pros that are familiar with other Adobe applications can get going quickly using new on-clip elements for editing as well as a task-based approach to organizing the tools for things like noise reduction and creating music. We’ve tried to make it as fast as possible to get in, get your work done, and get out while making sure the tools are powerful, intuitive and discoverable.

For a lot of you I can predict that the first question you have is, “Does this replace Audition?” and the answer is resounding NO. The team is at work on Audition right now and we have some great stuff planned. Audition will continue to be available for people who are more audio-centric and want a product focused on audio production.

Click through for my answers to a few more of the questions I bet you have…

Is Soundbooth “Audition Lite?”No. Soundbooth is a new app built from the ground up with a different customer in mind. Especially over time I think you’ll see the two products diverge more and more.Why a public beta?There are two main reasons: First, we want to share the technology and direction as soon as possible so you all can start using it right away. Second, we want to get your feedback so we can make Soundbooth as good as it can be. The beta we’ve posted is definitely not feature complete. We’re looking for feedback about what tasks we should build into the tasks panel, what effects you need, if there are presets for common activities you want us to cook up, or anything else that we can do to make the app better. We definitely won’t be able to get everything in (we have to ship sometime) but we want to make sure we’re concentrating on the right things. So please visit the Soundbooth forum and let us know what would make your audio life easier.Is there anything missing from the beta?Besides the features that are yet to be implemented, the public preview doesn’t include many of the codecs we plan to include in the final version (including MP3, FLV, MPEG-2, and H.264). Also missing is Bridge and some of the effects we’re working on.With all that said, go visit the Soundbooth page on Adobe Labs at and check out the product details, downloads, and forums.