Soundbooth Beta 2 Now Available!

I’m pleased to announce that the second preview version of Soundbooth is now live on the Adobe Labs site! This beta has a bunch of new features, and almost every feature that was included in Beta 1 has been enhanced in some way (some obviously so and some behind the scenes).

I’d like to take a moment and thank all those who have sent in their suggestions, constructive criticisms, workflow explanations, and all the other impassioned feedback we’ve received over the last couple of months. This is the first time I’ve been part of a public beta like this, and a few months ago the idea made me more than a bit nervous, but it’s been extremely gratifying to have the team able to engage with the community like this. We’ve been able to respond to many of the requests and comments, and have filed away a bunch more for the future. Beta 2 just wouldn’t have been nearly as good without you.

So, what’s new? The list I have from the team is over fifty features long, but here are some of the highlights:

  • The Lasso tool in the Visual Healing task is active
  • Many new effects added (including EQ, Reverb, Compressor, & Dynamics)
  • Copy and Paste between audio files
  • Mix paste audio into and between audio files
  • High-quality time and pitch shifting
  • Normalize button now “Louder” button–multiple clicks apply hard limiting
  • Click and drag the CTI to scrub
  • Auto-heal cut/paste boundaries to eliminate clicks on edits
  • AutoComposer saw many improvements
  • Familiar Adobe tools panel
  • Many performance and usability tweaks throughout

As a reminder, the beta does not include all of the file formats that will be included in the final release version, including MP3, FLV, and H.264, or Bridge, which can be previewed in the current Photoshop CS3 public beta.

I hope you all try out this latest beta and continue to give us your feedback. Enjoy!

You can download the latest beta here. Both Mac and Windows builds are available.
Learn more about the Soundbooth beta.
Download the Soundbooth Getting Started Guide.
Join the discussion in the Labs forums.

One Response to Soundbooth Beta 2 Now Available!

  1. Phillip McCann says:

    This is a wonderful software. I am not an audio person but a Producer who occasionally must work with his hands on tight budgets. My typical complaint about Adobe products is: “Great functionality but a very steep learning curve!” I was up and running on this within 2 hours. The interface is intuitive and the controls actually simulate the studio experience. I also didn’t have to worry about being familiar with any scripts to get my simple project completed. Elegent is what I would call this software. Thanks for keeping mere mortals in mind for a change!