A Hoax and Catching Up

I’ve clearly been a bit remiss in my blogging lately, as work’s had me on the road and last week I was felled by the plague. Ok, a cold. But it was a bad one.

Probably the most interesting story in the last month was in regards to piano player named Joyce Hatto who had several albums revealed to be frauds. And by frauds, I mean several of her recordings were commercially available from other performers and simply EQed or sped up a bit to make them sound a little different! Apparently Joyce had several albums of her own but her husband, in a misguided attempt to celebrate her, decided that her discography needed some augmenting. Andrew Rose, a long-time Audition user back to the Cool Edit days, has a great summary of the whole story on his website. We came across the story because Audition was used to do the analysis to confirm the hoax.

Otherwise, we have Crunchgear.com, which has a little how-to on creating a music demo on the cheap. And of course a there has been a ton of coverage on both Soundbooth and our Mac announcement for Production Studio. It’s been a lot of fun being out and engaged with our Mac customers now that they know we’re coming back. Folks are taking a long, hard look at what Production Studio can do on Windows and starting to think about how it might fit into their work. The experience has been really gratifying and a whole lot of fun.

Finally, here’s a sampling of some of the articles and postings I’ve seen lately for your reading pleasure.

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