Soundbooth Now Shipping

I’m pleased to say that as of today Soundbooth CS3 (and Adobe Production Premium and Master Collection) are shipping! There are a whole pile of pre-orders that need to clear out first, so if this goes anything like the Audition 2 launch it’ll take a week or so to clear all those out–expect a few days of delay if you order the box. The download version should be available immediately, though.


One Response to Soundbooth Now Shipping

  1. Gary Smith says:

    Is there ever going to be an upgrade to Audition 2.0?It’s been a long time since any changes to the program have been made, and you’re falling behind the curve.ThanksGaryYep, we’re working on it now! I can’t say anything more about it other than what I’ve already said–we’ll have more to say before the end of the year. –Hart